{Supernova Shivers}

{Supernova Shivers}

A Poem by Spiral Panda

Author note. *All the names used, are people I've interacted with, not made up randomly without a story behind them in full familiarity. If you wonder.*























Unaccepted caresses,

sniveling shrines,

when the truth is the truth

we find we lose everyone

down in the coal mines.


Determined routers plunging tickets,

eager badges earned so vigorously.

The only thing to hold onto is

who we turn to be through the dust.


Gibberish Abby, high school bully,

perhaps at home she lost her family.

Absent of guidance, she was blinded,

built up in high peer regards,

it was the only importance she had,

returning to the devoid house that

being constantly reminded.

Addressing me wearing all black,

calling out obscurities madly untrue,

I was her cocaine, the addiction grew.


Arrogant Robert, another jock,

I’m guessing the sports were his

congratulatory reprieve.

Elsewhere differences placed

pressure steep he couldn’t do

and so in the sit down chats

of expectations he’d up and leave.

Aggression released on the field,

he sought the pedals and rode.

His defining bull horns promised a

rehearsal show of life in the fast lane

partying but quickly slowed.


Melancholy Cassie,

the drama queen studies,

for every rumor she had

no right to spread came a

longing inside her to be loved.

Attention attracter,

juvenile delinquent puppet,

I feel sorry for her since

she has to live with herself,

how many will realize beside her

that the two of them aren’t buddies?

“Perfect” and “straight edge” lifestyle

small town girl “abstinent” had a baby

out of a wedlock, not even before

high school graduation,

news tells, she couldn’t

keep her legs closed,

lied to her boyfriend,

tricked him to marry her

and claim the child as his.

What kind of a good person

would do such a crime and

not heart travel guilt?

Ruining reputations was

her most obligated trend.

By all means, the troll clique

came on it to depend.



Geeky Tom,

brooding comedian,

laughing at the jokes made

about him but dying inside

when they won’t let him fit in.

Unknown martial competitor,

a firm practice of impacts,

always camping near contracts.

He may not have a single companion.

When he would exit school was his

other environment any better?

Has he ever cut himself?

What are his dreams?

Let it out Thomas,

No one ever saw you and

now there’s hellish screams.

I’m sorry for the loss I took,

I’m sorry for the loss we

all are supposed to feel.

The tiniest details escape our grasp,

the details that make your very story.

We’ve never been friends but I’m

here to try at something late.

Your life is of the greatest

meaning in the single

victorious slate.


Disappointment Shelby

buckling hobbies,

bashing the “weird”

to keep herself in a group.

To feel she belongs she

breaks the ice forcefully

of the secrets the attacked

wasn’t ready yet to speak on.

Working across the ponds

she’d otherwise be the

conducted two

masked snoop.

The precious little church gofer,

“innocent” of drugs and charges,

nicely praised by teachers but all

the while sexing her strut to avenue.

She just couldn’t contain herself

to watch what she should or

shouldn’t properly do.

Her daddy might’ve hit her,

her momma may have died,

this is why I may have sympathy,

but all in all Shelby’s a positive

because of many factors, w***e.

The little monsters in her head,

they clawed and chewed their way

to present an ugly draw sore.


Unjustified Ashley,

I heard she was in jail,

released after year serves,

she got high on possible meth

and stabbed a man in exchange.

Remorseful now she is,

but the knife stuck in his gut

can’t be reversed.

Sober and wandering,

she’s been excommunicated

from the people she once knew.

Alone and defenseless,

misery has a guest.

The bigger fish in badness

no longer has that threat,

her entire image is split.

That’s what’s to get.

The druggie town bar’s been hers,

she’s run it with pleasured grades,

most are embarrassed,

they barely tolerated her

in the everglades.

What made her turn to those drugs,

was it her underachievements?

What pushed her buttons,

what made her evidently cracked?

Of course the intimidating bully

is the one all along who’s

been awfully smacked,

bullied to become the bully,

some people never learn to

make a kindness from a hate.


Dysfunctional Ryan,

perverted peeper

in need of pesticide,

always with a sex comment,

fancying himself a lady’s man.

What made him so nasty?

From his own mirror

reflection does he daily hide?

A few steps away from upgrading

to status rapist for peculiar hands,

underneath the perversion I bet

there’s a real person with a scar.

Trying too hard with relationships

signals the definite oddity in the guy.


Conformist Gage,

the radical diver,

burning into orange color

bleeding inner medium brown,

he’s from what I’ve seen,

been Peter Pan not the truth,

he helps run with his

crew the Dixon town.


Deciduous Tyler,

the provocative gnome,

criticized for being openly

oriented gay in activities,

nice when talking to but

he’s got his battles dealt.

When prejudice divided

classmates I still kept in touch.

I wasn’t sainted but never upset.

Strengthened he

was in his courage,

but I wonder of his struggles.

Did he have the depths of pain

imaginable like Harry

Potter did with muggles?


Quiet Samantha,

the distant observer,

she kept to herself since

most made fun of her as

the “fat” girl on campus.

I heard those jokes and

in I interception butted.

It’s rude of least say so,

that people can be the

cruelest they can think of

and shut their eyes.

I talked to her,

I was when I could be,

a friend to the girl friendly to all.

Do I regret it? Not a day of haul.

How many insults did she storm through?

How many tears did she drown in?

I through a small bit of it, was beside her.


Scrubby Alan,

the beat up guy but spirited retort,

entertaining the macho stacks

and reviewing his report.

A domineering father

and other tired tasks,

no one gave the kid

a true shot at fame.



Snobby Trinity, Mobster Aaron,

Crooked Daniel, Misread Colton,

Poser Danielle, Macabre Dalton,

my list continues with such “divinity.”


Unaccepted caresses,

sniveling shrines,

when the truth is the truth

we find we lose everyone

down in the coal mines.


Determined routers plunging tickets,

eager badges earned so vigorously.

The only thing to hold onto is

who we turn to be through the dust.


Even the bullies have their sobs,

despite every opportunity to

hate with their hate I try

to peg them as worth beings.

Maybe they’ve been abused,

maybe they’ve had

their hearts smeared.

Every truth states that

identities aren’t perfectly cleared,

and for those lives I’ve touched

without so much as knowing

I think about them every day,

the grief eats away sheered.


I’ve always looked while overlooked.

When I see a face, do they know me

like I choose to get to know them now?


Bare splashes, terrific berries,

here in my ocean melody heart

is another story to my stories

I make written said and my prized events

of victory have buried the carries.


© 2011 Spiral Panda

Author's Note

 Spiral Panda
You’re never too big or small, to overlook another person beside you. Trace their scars, hear their pleas, walk their trail, the burdens are theirs but can be understood, take the moment to be that supernova, but even, no, especially, supernovas, endure shivers. How many lives have we entered negatively or positively, how many losses and gains did we take from our footprints left? Did we ever really know them, did they know us? Every conversation shapes an image, a collage of memorial. How will you be remembered? As that one that stepped out of their shell to listen and provide, or as the one that just drove the world further into isolated despairs? We all have stocks of mistakes shared, we’ve all reached the “I’m not good enough” point, but we are, we are good enough, and so is that person beside us as being someone great when their potential is actively utilized. Write a letter, mail it out, today is the first day of the rest of your life, how will you live?

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this is great really makes other people ralize whats going on with them this is really great if this would have rating i would give it 100/100

Posted 9 Years Ago

I enjoyed this.

"Gibberish Abby, high school bully,
perhaps at home she lost her family."

This line reminded me of a girl at my school. Her name was also, Abby. She was a bully and the second line reminds me of her, because our senior year her older brother died. A lot of the people in this poem reminds me of people I went to school with. I guess the saying is true, "You've seen one, you've seen them all." Schools that is. Most have all the same candidates.

Posted 9 Years Ago

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this is great work! so deep and insightful! Very good!

Posted 9 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

dammmmmmm excuse my french lol but i love this i just want to hug you and say i love you ,,, and get to know you so you can be my friend like no other omg im sorry but words like that make me drool lol jaw drop hugzzzzzz i love it ohhh sweet poetry love is something you breathe

Posted 9 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

This is a great poem. I love how you covered everybody in depth. This is an attention grabber.

Posted 9 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

great poem:) it has deep qualities for insighting other peoples lives before judging them like they judged you

Posted 9 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

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