Fallen (1)

Fallen (1)

A Story by Mey

she wakes, an angel from above.


The leaves felt cold against her cheek. White rose petals fluttered open revealing stunningly green eyes. The morning dew was cold against her body. She fumbled to push herself from the ground, away from the skin of earth. He bare feet slipped away from the ground as she tried to stand, and again she was forced to the ground. Around her the forest waited patiently. Again she stumbled away from the ground, this time managing to hold her body aloft.

She stood the queen of her domain; surveying the forest as a husband surveys his wife on their wedding night. A few more leaves jumped from there home to glide gently to rest around her. The wind playfully caressed her body.

She looked around her, searching for some unknown goal. In her mind she knew something was wrong, as if the picture that was her mind had been carried off, and then been left abandoned somewhere else.

As she looked at her body and felt shame. Though her body was perfect it was shameful to her to be as she was. A beetle crawled slowly over her bare shoulder, and she did not care. This was wrong, she did not understand, why couldn’t she understand.

She began to think, and she began to ponder. She should know why that it was important that she clothes herself and she should know why she knew. But she didn’t. She fought to remember, but her memories were like a burning sun, she could only focus on them for so long before she went blind and everything she had seen was forgotten.

She tossed herself back to the ground landing gently in a shower of misplaced leaves. Thing were simpler when she was asleep, maybe it was the gentle blackness that held the answers the light could not give her. She closed her eyes once more. And surrendered her body and mind to the dark.


© 2009 Mey

Author's Note

Based on a dream, written for the woman i love. I respectfully ask is that you don�t critique my work or my grammar, but I welcome comments with open arms.

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Lovely descriptions. I enjoyed reading it. :)

Posted 14 Years Ago

Lovely so far. You have several intense images (the white petals and burning sun, which tie things together because they're both whitish) which make it very vivid and your description of her makes her sound otherworldly... which I guess she is. Excited for the plot to unfold.

Posted 14 Years Ago

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Added on September 7, 2009




I like to think of myself as a dark and talented individual. I like to think that what I write matters to someone. I like to think that by writing that someone, somewhere, will enjoy what I’ve w.. more..

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