A long weekend

A long weekend

A Story by Chinmay Nagrale

This is a fictional story I thought of while I was coming back to home from a weekend. I kinda thought of writing it down and maybe share it to you or I am right now!


After a long weekend with my family, going back to home and listening to music is what I was expecting. But, it turned out that it’s not what is going to happen. I was feeling sleepy and suddenly, our driver hit the brakes so hard that I heard “skid” voice from our car. We were in a “Naxalite” prone area, as I saw 3 men coming towards the door with guns in their hands. They tried to pull us all out and started searching for stuff in our car. We all tried to oppose them, but then one of them started shouting “Don’t even try to attack us back or we’re gonna kill you!” My father got angrier as each second passed and he stood up and pushed a guy out of those 3 men along with the driver. My mom, my brother and I, tried to run away from those men and saw my father and the driver running behind us too. But then, I heard gunshots. I felt dizzy and then fell onto the road. I was shot near my left kidney, yet I was conscious. Those 3 men were checking if we were alive or not. I saw one of them checking my brother. I struggled to stand and tried to snatch a sidearm from the guy. Since I had been in Rifle Shooting competition for 2-3 years, I knew how to handle a gun. I somehow managed to make those 3 men unconscious or maybe I’d killed them, I really didn’t knew.

After that, I checked out on my family and found they weren’t breathing. I was in shock for a few minutes thinking what to do next. I came up with an idea. I picked up each of my family and put them in car and those 3 men in the trunk. Next thing to do was to drive the car. Sadly, our driver was dead too. So, after thinking for a while, I made up my mind to drive the car. This was the first time I was driving a car. I was only 16. My father never wanted me to drive a car until I reach 18. I knew the basics as I saw people driving car, but still there was a little fear of running into another car. So, I drove as calmly as I could. I checked out the map on my phone to see how far we are from the city. It was 65 km empty road to the city. To calm myself, I put on music and drank water.

Suddenly, it started to pain around the area where I was shot. I tried my best to control the pain along 65 km of emptiness. Music, which expresses your feelings the best, “How I’m gonna to be optimistic about this?” [Pompeii " Bastille (Audien Remix)] and according to my zodiac sun sign, I’m a day dreamer, yet it was night, things started to revolve around my head. What I’m gonna do after I reach city? Should I still continue my studies or drop out? If I don’t drop out, who’s gonna pay the fees? Who’s going to support me, lend me a shoulder to cry out and the person won’t say a thing and just let me express my feelings. Sadly, no one. I neither had any relatives nor any close friends, and I wasn’t even in a relationship. So, I had to be the strongest I could.

Reaching the city was like reaching the end of the story, but it was the beginning. Suddenly, the pain around the area I was shot, was so high that I couldn’t control my scream and stopped the car. I drank water to calm myself down. I said to myself, “Why did I stop here? I just need to control the pain for few more minutes, I’m not far away from the hospital!” So, I continued driving. I saw the city lights, my eyes full of tears, I rejoiced. As I was reaching the hospital, I controlled my pain the most I could. After reaching there, I was going unconscious slowly. I don’t know what happened next. The next day when I was treated, I guess, I was still sleeping, I heard these voices….

“Hey, you have to wake up! Wake up!!” It was my mom’s voice. It continued, “You’re late for school!” I was like, what is going on? I smiled and said to myself, “Stupid dream!”


Moral: Never waste your time in reading posts you think are interesting! Just kidding, if you’ve once thought of doing some thing or any work, you should finish it anyhow and not just give up at once. Life is to enjoy and not waste time in leaving things half way through.

© 2016 Chinmay Nagrale

Author's Note

Chinmay Nagrale
Don't be too harsh, I'm just a teen who likes to write stories.

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So am I, OK not technically ( I'm 20). Your story was short yet quite entertaining. You should've commented more on the fight scene. That would've been great.

Posted 5 Years Ago

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Chinmay Nagrale

5 Years Ago

Thanks for your review! I would surely add something to the fight scene and edit this story soon. Or.. read more

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Added on February 27, 2016
Last Updated on February 27, 2016
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