The dead body on the side of the road

The dead body on the side of the road

A Story by Michael

Jules and her imagination

“Om my Gosh! Jack.. Stop the car!”
“There's a body over there in the weeds!” Jules screamed as she pointed out the window.

Screech and the car came to a stop. A huge dust cloud gathered around them making it impossible for them to see anything outside of their car.

Jack chuckles and then lights a cigarette.

Jules began to cry out and wave her arms frantically
“I knew we should not have taken advice from that creepy old man, back from that disgusting gas station we stopped at and taken this miserable short cut"

"Jack, did you see that body back there?" "Did you?" Jules said as she pointed out the back window.
"Are you even listening to me?"

"Yes sweetheart, I'm listening to you"
chuckles again,
"No and I did not see that body back there"

"OMG" "Were lost" "Neither of our cells have signal, there isn’t a house for hundreds of miles"

Jack interrupts "Hundreds?"

Jules ignored him "AAARRG" "We have not seen another car ever since we got on this God forsaken road and”

Jules pauses and despite her trembling body, manages to light a smoke, takes a huge drag off of it, then screams out,

“There is a body in those weeds back there Jack”

“Do you hear me Jack? There's a dead person, lying back there,”

“Calm down, Jules, I am sure there is no dead person back there” then gets a stern look on his face. “Your imagination never seems to amaze me”
“It’s probably just an animal or somet ...”

Jules interrupted
“Animals do not have hands or fingers Jack”
"That arm back there sticking out of the brush has a hand and fingers and everything else people have attached to their arms”

“That is no animal Jack!”

Jack looks at her with a blank look on his face then looks out the back window, then proceeds to get out of the car.

“Where are you going?, get back in here, there is probably a murderer out there waiting to make his next kill”
Jules cried out as she then locked her door.

“Get back in here Jack, let’s just go, come on, I’m getting scared”

“It will be ok Jules, your always over exaggerating everything, I will be right back” Jack replied as he then began to walk down the dirt road towards where Jules had pointed.

“Wait for me, don’t leave me here all alone” Jules cried out as she got out of the car and then ran up to Jack, nearly knocking him over as she hugged up against him.

"Come on Jack, lets just go"

Jack replied laughingly
“Is it really necessary for you to hold on to me so damn tightly darling?, I can barely walk”

Then they slowly started to walk towards where the body was. As they drew closer Jack whispered “shuu" "omg"
"It does look like an arm”
then tugged away from Jules and said in a strong quiet voice.

“You better wait here while I go closer and find out what is going on here.”

“No, You are not going closer, come on lets just get out of here” Jules begged, “Once we get to the next town, we can tell the police”
“Come on Jack, lets just go, please”

Jack said nothing and slowly headed towards the body with Jules hanging on to him begging and pleading.

“Please Jack, please stop, let’s go” she kept begging as they got closer and closer.

Jack stopped and whispers
“Jules, you were right, it is a real arm, "
"I can see the fingers now”

“Please Jack, can we go now, I am really scared” she grasp on Jacks arm tighter, and tried to pull him backwards.

“Wait Jules” they might be still alive and need our help and preceded to inch even slower towards the body.

Jules was still holding on to him, failing horribly at holding him back. "Please Jack I'm getting really scared now."

They got about 30 feet from the body and Jules finally let go.

“I am not going any closer, you can, but not me”

Jack slowly walked closer and closer and once he got within reach, he swatted down and reached for the arm.

“Jack, what the hell are you doing?”
“Are you crazy?” “Stop!” begged Jules

Jack ignored her pleas and slowly pocked at the arm, hesitated, then grabbed the wrist and slowly pulled it out from the weeds..

“ARRRRGGGGHHHHH” Jules screamed as he held up the arm.

“Jules darling”
“calm down, its just a mannequin’s arm, it’s not real”
Jack said laughingly as he studied it,

“You think your funny Huh? Jules demanded

Jack then gently put it right back in the spot where he found it, brushed off his hands and started walking towards Jules giggling.

"I was positive that was a real arm, Jack stop making fun of me” Jules pleaded.
"You thought it was real too, Jack"

Jack said nothing

Jules continued to plea all the way back to the car
As they reached their car, she questioned
“Why did you put it right back in the same place, Jack?”

He replied as he was getting in “Eventually some other fortunate guy will be coming down this same road with a over imaginative wife such as mine,"
He then reached over and kissed Jules on the cheek

"And I know he will enjoy scaring the hell out of her.
He then started up the car and they pulled away.

Jules pointed her finger, scolding him as she said,
“You thought it was real too, and you know it” she pleaded
“Don’t pretend as if you were not just as scared as I was Jack”
“You know you thought it was real too, right Jack?

Jack just smiled and said nothing, turned up the radio and began singing along with the music.

© 2011 Michael

Author's Note

Thanks for reading

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Why do guys always seem to enjoy scaring their girls? Must be genetic, I guess. This could easily become part of a longer story if you wanted to develope it.

Posted 11 Years Ago

Thanks for the review, fallen angel

I am glad I came here, I think the last site I was in, was giving me wrong advice, they said that Jules character was too over exaggerated, she is supposed to be, its part of the plot. :)

Posted 11 Years Ago

Oh gosh !! That was a tad creepy = I was getting a lil scared there ahaha
It's very good !! The suspense was. . . wow ! Added an amazing effect to the story =]
Nice, I liked it

Posted 11 Years Ago

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