Blue Moon Nymph

Blue Moon Nymph

A Poem by Lost in Wonderland

Eyes wandering through the dense trees

 Picking up every small movement

He searched endlessly for her

 That deliciously rare nymph of the woods


 She's very shy, so they say

Only showing her porcelain face

Once in a blue moon

When she dances, graceful and lithe

 In the iridescent, white light


He saw her once before

(Whilst wandering lost in the woods)

 Shrouded in mystery

 White dress flying about her long legs

 As she twirled and spun for him


 When their gazes met, time stopped

 Blue eyes large and cautious like a child

 She glided toward him timidly

Until not an inch separated them


Wistfully laying a small hand upon his cheek

She felt the cold sweat there

A quiet giggle bubbled from her pink lips like bell chimes

Driving the man absolutely wild


Her beauty was other worldly

Perhaps she was just a dream

A sweet, enticing dream

That would make any man

Willingly give up reality


Taking hold of her waist tenderly

He led her to a tree

Kissing her shoulders, her neck

 Loving the way she moved and gasped


 Her soft lips tasted like sugar

A mouth-watering, exotic elixir

 Making him shudder in sheer ecstasy

Tangling his hands in her dark, luscious mane


The warmth of her pale body

Kept him entranced like a siren's call

Her nimble fingers tickled his neck

Invoking a low, arousing moan


Grabbing the hem of her dress, he growled

Wanting her, needing her, craving her like a drug

But when the silk slipped over her head,

She had faded away


Replaced by the orange light

Of an unwelcome sunrise

Leaving him on his knees

Crying with a hopeless longing

For that girl, now but a memory


Tonight, he wanders alone

Same as every night, searching

Searching for that beautiful nymph

Who filled all his fantasies


Hours passed as he moved in circles

The sun would be up soon,

And with it, his chances of finding her would disappear

 Heart sinking, the man started home


 As he walked, head hung and shoulders slumped

A giggle carried by the breeze flew to his ear

His head snapped up, pulse racing

Frantically, his feet carried him to the tree


Like a bird, her voice sang out to him

Leading him like a line on map

Until he saw the tree

With a pair of girls feet hanging off a branch

And blue eyes on the shadows, shining like stars

He had found her at last

© 2012 Lost in Wonderland

Author's Note

Lost in Wonderland
Don't know if it was worth publishing...

God has the glory

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That was beautiful and in a way has it's own moral story. Don't rush a woman til she's ready or she might slip away, and when you find her again, if she comes back to you again, you can do things differently :)

Posted 6 Years Ago

Lost in Wonderland

6 Years Ago

thank you for reading and reviewing! God bless
good realy good

Posted 7 Years Ago

Lost in Wonderland

7 Years Ago

God bless
Dream Mistress

7 Years Ago

welcome and God bless you
I loved this. I love hearing about mythological creatures and sometimes i wish i could just believe they existed and make them real. Beautiful.
God bless,

Brielle Cartny

Posted 7 Years Ago

Lost in Wonderland

7 Years Ago

thank you Brielle:) God bless you too
Humility seems to pass our shoulders, and remind our souls of how great and opportunistic positive flights of fancy can be...... especially from the hand that crafts such beautiful words for us to mind our OWN souls!! Beautiful..... once again...... xoxo -Mark

Posted 7 Years Ago

Lost in Wonderland

7 Years Ago

thank you again:)
God bless
God, I lost my breath when I read this most beautiful piece. I enjoy most fantasy poems, but this ... is more than fantasy ^_^ I honestly loved it!
" Taking hold of her waist tenderly, He led her to a tree, kissing her shoulders, her neck, loving the way she moved and gasped" I almost passed out when I read this part *-*
but to be honest, I loved it all :D
please continue writing, cause Im lovin it :3
thanks for sharing.

Posted 7 Years Ago

Lost in Wonderland

7 Years Ago

Thank you so much Roxast!! :D
God bless
So beautiful! I love the images! Great work :)


Posted 7 Years Ago

B-E-A-UUUUUTIFUL simply perfection. The writing was amazing and it captures emotion so well. (:

Posted 7 Years Ago

i like the story here.

and especially like the line, "Leading him like a line on a map"

wish i had written that one.


Posted 7 Years Ago

A quiet giggle bubbled from her pink lips like bell the images you created with this poem. Beautifully done

Posted 7 Years Ago

Wonderful romantic fantasy poem! I'm favoriting this one.

Posted 7 Years Ago

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Lost in Wonderland
Lost in Wonderland

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