Ode to My Curtains

Ode to My Curtains

A Poem by Sarah I.

When I wake

I rest my eyes,

I keep them closed until I am certain

that my vision is not obscured

from a heavy night's sleep.

As I wait,

I absorb the comfort my bed provides,

the satisfaction that my covers bring,

the luxury that my pillows bestow,

and the ease at which the hum the air conditioner puts me.

When I am sure,

and surely awake,

I open my eyes to the sight of my room

during another glorious morning,

of which every morning is...

My sight is clear and I breathe in sweet air

as I turn to see

the sunlight streaming in from

the curtains - the fabric that falls and lays upon the cold glass of 

my window - the only barrier keeping me from: 

the winds that blow

the lives that live

and the elements that, by physics,

are sent aloft into the higher skies.

It is the curtains I see.

Through clear vision, a mental picture is taken.

And a memory of warmth and beauty follows.

And when I shall awaken on mornings of which are

(nearly considered) not so glorious,

where the sunlight is muffled by thick clouds, and darkened skies,

I shall rest my eyes and keep them closed until I am certain,

that I can envision perfectly

a memory

of sunlight streaming through

thick, beautiful curtains.

© 2012 Sarah I.

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the only barrier keeping me from:

the winds that blow

the lives that live
A nice write...

Posted 7 Years Ago

Sarah I.

7 Years Ago

thank you
Sami Khalil

7 Years Ago

You are welcome... :)

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Added on October 5, 2012
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Sarah I.
Sarah I.

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