A Poem by Kelley T

This is a sonnet prepared for the ''Show Me Your Conscious'' contest.


Why must I constantly push them away?

What is so dreadful that I cannot share?

Most know my life was in a disarray,

And have proven, time and again, they care.

Just the same, I shut them down; turn them out.

Try as I might to convince myself that -- 

It can't be more than projected self-doubt,

Every time it's just the same old hat.

Affection is shared and kisses bestowed;

Limbs get tangled and tresses, disheveled.

After such a tryst, seeds of doubt are sewed.

My confidence shakes and is unleveled.

Why's it that, once submitting to lust,

I find it nigh impossible to trust?

© 2010 Kelley T

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We live in a world where we value the wrong things. To feel submitting to lust create a lack of trust is understandable. Sex is part of life. But we need more then that. Age teaches us love is holding on in the good and bad time. To use and abuse is easy. To love and hold on to someone is the real gift. Poem is very good. Made me think too hard.

Posted 14 Years Ago

This explains me very well, aha even though it's most likely about you and/or just the speaker in general. I have severe trust issues, but doesn't everyone these days?

Anwyays, it was a fantastic read, please keep up the amazing work.

Posted 15 Years Ago

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Added on January 21, 2009
Last Updated on January 15, 2010


Kelley T
Kelley T

Pittsburgh, PA

If there's one thing in which I believe, it's following your dreams. And, that said, I try my damnedest to not be a hypocrite. : ) more..

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