Along The Creek

Along The Creek

A Poem by Missy Moooooo

I'm back to poetry writing y'all.

I will remember my childhood always
For it wasn't the average childhood.
Many got to learn how to swim
At the beach, Or a pool.

My parents wouldn't allow me
To eat the fish I caught;
Until I learned how to swim.
I had to swim to edge of the creek
Without my swimmers.

I grew up on the creek,
Where every night you ate
The food you caught during the day,
Where you ate fresh vegetables,
And dairy products straight from
the sources.

You could say I grew up on a farm,
But that is only half of it.
The sounds of forty dogs barking
Along with the rooster
Woke you up.

The sweet smell of fire echoed the
log house In the winter time,
The quick rush of the creek overflowed
Into our log house after a rainstorm.

But best of all,
I have a family that camps,
Rides horses, loves dogs
Hates cats, starts a fire by scratch
makes any-song A campfire song,
isn't afraid to eat something they killed.

And best of all
My family grew up on the creek
Where there's millions of memories
And not one is better than the other.

Where you are not afraid to build
A huge Bon-Fire, or to keep your
Car unlocked.
Nothing is going to happen
To your truck this far from the road.

Make sure if you come by to let us know
First cause my daddy has a gun and he's
Not afraid to use it.

Innocence grew here along with me,
Sometimes you may pop a inner tube
Goin' down the strong current
Be sure not to wear a motorcycle
Helmet and hop into a canoe after
A fresh hurricane.

The smiles I recall reminiscing how
My life once was,
For I will never forget that place
Along the river where everything was
Exceptional to do, and every dumb
Decision was encouraged,

9-1-1 calls in the middle of the night,
No big deal I got bit by an eel.
9-1-1 calls in the middle of the early morning,
no big deal I got a fishhook
Stuck in my finger.
9-1-1 calls never, not possible.

My life there was what every redneck
Child calls the best.
Who wouldn't love to live along the creek
Where you can do almost anything,
Learning how to drive a car by being
Able to decipher the exact issue and
Know how to fix it.

There is nothing quite like living
Along the creek in a log house.
I'd do it again, any day.

© 2013 Missy Moooooo

Author's Note

Missy Moooooo
Honestly, is it a good representation of growing up in the middle of nowhere?(:

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That's a good childhood, it's to bad more people can't experience that!

Posted 10 Years Ago

Missy Moooooo

10 Years Ago

I feel like many would take a life like this for granted. We shopped at goodwill so that we could ha.. read more
Love this!!!!! Reminds me of when my friends and I walk to the creek right by their house and swim!! That, honestly sounds like the ;perfect childhood! Full of adventure and fun(:

Posted 10 Years Ago

Missy Moooooo

10 Years Ago

It was perfect. We made it our own fun with everything we ever had the option to do. E would sleep a.. read more
❤ Maggie ❤

10 Years Ago

That sounds amazing (: so many kids these days are so caught up in tv and computers stuff like that .. read more

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Missy Moooooo
Missy Moooooo

Cowtown ;) , PA

18, Freshman in College Criminal Justice Major :DDD more..