Different Sights

Different Sights

A Story by Ellie

"Different Sights"

"Well, it wasn't pretty," he said casually. She took a glimpse at him behind her mirror and stated, "Life isn't pretty.." and then vanished.
Being the sorceress of the keens and the yettos was a daunting task. To appraise the "most appealing" human being was a task of the gods. She would spend centuries crafting human beings to later be considered "failures" by her predecessor and labeled as good, but not perfect, or keens, (vain) and yettos were considered "a work in the making or in other words "ugly on the outside, goddesses/gods on the inside."

"If only I could rock the ocean tides and disturb the cave walls with my wails of despair.. I immerse myself in the craft, yet end in great despair making art of which does not please, my good lord."
"Do of which you might, move along.."
It was near midnight, with the zest of a light spring rain. Her hands were shaking with the work of an artisan. Midnight showers midnight showers bring me what you will!
Outside her window sill was a ghostly blur of what appeared to be a princess. She had jet black hair in a braided assortment intertwined with flowers. She looked past the horizon and her red mermaid gown wrapped around herself in the wind.
She looked down into her palms and a black smoke hazed into a shape of a demon-like arachnid. It started flying toward my direction until I slammed my door. The haze dissipated in-between the cracks.
I watched in horror as my sculpture morphed from a beautiful divine figure into a very dark substance.
Shrills and bickering laughter filled my room. I cried and rocked back and forth continually until..
"The wand!!! Where is the wand?"
I threw the glass vase into the smoke. "I knew of no wand! Take anything! Leave me be!"
The haze slipped through the door and locked it shut. A princess re-appeared.
"I heard you were of the one who did this to me!
A beautiful elegant human being into this horrible barbarous monster!"
"No! Not me. I shape, he creates! You were chosen as a yetto!
We do not see what the other sees. This is not our doing. We do not judge, but I see one does now.
For he has giveth thou the power of transparency!"
"Yes! I see now the beauty in the making!"
She vanished in the haze. Looking toward the horizon at her hands, she took her hair piece apart and flowers spurted in each cardinal direction.
A young man beneath her balcony was singing a tune and piling wood in a barrel.
She did not take notice. Yet, she gave one last glance at the sunset and disappeared from the haze and into the wind.
A young worker below this mysterious figure had taken notice of a flower fallen lighly into his barrel. The young worker looked above to the skies, whispered a blessing, and decided to give this flower to his long-time love.

© 2015 Ellie

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Beginner Writer

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I love your story! It was so riveting. I couldn't take my eyes off of it. Great job. :)

Posted 7 Years Ago


7 Years Ago

Thank You so much Jordan! I really appreciate it :)!
Jordan Smith

6 Years Ago

Your Welcome :)
Eagle Cruagh

6 Years Ago

Whenever I experience someone who has written, even a
little of your kind, I find my mind wa.. read more
Incredible !

Your vocabulary and experience is far beyond me.
I would love to see more of you and perhaps I will
catch on to your technique. Intriguing
---- Eagle Cruagh

Posted 7 Years Ago


7 Years Ago

Thank You! I will try to allocate more time devoted to writing! :)
Advice: double space between paragraphs. It's more reader-friendly.

Posted 7 Years Ago

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