Charles Bukowski (The Genius of the Crowd)

Charles Bukowski (The Genius of the Crowd)

A Poem by The Elusive Mr Dunne

"Charles Bukowski"
(The Genius of the Crowd)

Beware those who seek crowds, for they are nothing alone/
Whilst aware of the Knowers, as they fear what ain't known
They will attempt to destroy, anything that differs from own/
Whilst those quick to praise, want the praise and it shows
As for those best at war, are the ones who preach peace/
Whilst those who preach love, bite the Apple like they're Eve
When a man is made average, then average he'll love/
And when the marriage ain't working, you'll find him in pub
Not being able to create art, is why they can't understand/
For when you dwell in the dark, you have no talented hand
They'll place blame on the Creator, when failing in life/
Whilst their disdain is perfect, and like diamond it shines
When your mind has been freed, they will lie and despise/
Like the genius in their hatred, is enough to survive
Being afraid of the mind, they don't like to be alone/
So a room of solitude, is not a place they will go.

Copyright 2022 The Elusive Mr Dunne
(All rights reserved)

© 2022 The Elusive Mr Dunne

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Great write! My Dear,
it is in fact that most in crowds are alone,
I should know because I'm always alone,
and not always adhering though to that post,
but I agree, and love the defying of a hyprocracy,
:D ----Maynard

Posted 7 Months Ago

Reality will creep in when you're alone. If there are people around, it is hard to focus on self. To shy away from self-awareness because you won't like what you see. Very profound Elusive Mr. Dunne. I love it!

Your A Natural,

Posted 10 Months Ago

I think your opening line is excellent to set up the story, and also a critical issue seldom described. It is critical to be self-sustaining in the sense of being all right alone. It is an imperative of man. Everyone else takes.


Posted 1 Year Ago

Another great write from you and I have now gotten to a place where I enjoy seeing your words pop up on a read request for me!

Posted 1 Year Ago

Wow, I'm Impressed, well done.

Posted 1 Year Ago

I did enjoyed the words and thoughts. Bukowski was honest and he told you straight. This poem did the same. Thank you my friend for sharing your amazing poetry and your thoughts.

Posted 1 Year Ago

Another good poem from you. I think I overall prefer the ones with a rhyme scheme as opposed to freeform, since the concept squeezes a little more creativity out of the writer. I'm also appreciating the themes of self-pity and a desire to blend in with the crowd, which I'm sure some other readers might identify with.

Afraid I don't have much to say this time, but keep up the good work!

Posted 1 Year Ago

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Added on June 15, 2022
Last Updated on June 15, 2022
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The Elusive Mr Dunne
The Elusive Mr Dunne

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