Weather Never Listens

Weather Never Listens

A Poem by Music's Color

We complain daily if we don't like the weather. We want it to be sunny, we want it to be rainy, we want it to be warm, cold, day, night. But what does NATURE want? Is it not in its own battle?


As the sunlight kisses the silver dew
As the night begins to melt away
You hear the wind singing a new song
Calling the night back to stay…

Poor wind poor wind, never satisfied
With how the sun shines so bright.
It wants the penetrating stars
It longs for the beauty of night.

‘Come back come back my darling stars,’
it cries to the rising sun.
‘I want the galaxies, the Milky Way,’
oh the mourning has begun.

Now the trees hate the light,
What they long for is rain.
They want the night, they want the stars,
Yet they receive no gain.

They want a storm but no hurricane
Just a dark beauty to behold,
‘Give us a storm, give us some gray,’
they cry to the bright dawn.

Poor leaves poor leaves, never satisfied
With how the sun shines so bright.
They want the ice-cold rain,
They long for the graceful storms.

Oh weather oh weather, hear their call,
They long for so much change.
And yet forever you let them cry,
The day a chaotic dis’range…

© 2009 Music's Color

Author's Note

Music's Color
In case you thought that "mourning" is wrong, it actually was intentional. I thought a good play on words was in order for this one. I wrote this about a year ago, perhaps around this time. I can't remember. But I hope you enjoy it, and tell me what you think of it. Thanks, have a nice day!

- {Stasia} -

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fantastic piece of writing....I enjoyed every single line:)
"weather never listens,
warmth of your breath I can sense,
It drags me towards thy soul,
I'll fall for you again wholly,
to make my existence more lovely"

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Added on December 22, 2009
Last Updated on December 23, 2009
Tags: weather never listens, weather, nature, chaos, sorrow, sadness


Music's Color
Music's Color

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