1. White Room

1. White Room

A Chapter by Ashley S. Brown

1. White Room

You wake up with a jaw-splitting head ache. Maybe, going out last night to the New Year's party wasn't the best idea. You rub your eyes trying to get the sleep out.
Looking around, you realize you have no idea where you are. It's clean and white, it reminds you of a hospital. No windows, no doors. The only thing in the room is the small white futon you are lying on, not that there would be room for much else. It's a small room, claustrophobic. 
You shiver, and realize you're only wearing your underwear. Slowly your rise only to feel a sharp tug on your left arm. Looking down you see a new-looking silver chain clamped down on your wrist, connected to the futon.
You let out a small nervous laugh. You call out, "Hey, George, Maxi. Funny prank." No response. 
"George, Maxi." Still no one answers. "Andrew..." It's obvious none of your friends are behind this, at that point. You sit on the edge of the couch, just as the stronger affects of your hang over hits you, you clasp your hands over your eyes trying to block out the irritating white florescent lights.You sit there thinking, trying to recall the events of the night before...

You stumble into the dark alley, wasted. The yellow streetlight above you flickers on and off. A  bottle of vodka you stole from the party, moments before you left in one hand and a party balloon in the other. You let out a hiccup that transforms itself into a giggle. 
When you try to take a step forward, you end tripping on your feet. You hit the ground hard but all you can do is laugh. When try to get back up you end up tripping again, falling flat on your face. You settle for crawling over to the row trash cans. Grasping on to the end of one of support you end up falling, again, bringing the trashcan down with you. The bag inside of it bust open and you are now wallowing a huge pile of trash, as happy as can be.
You remember the bottle of vodka you brought with you. Thankfully the bottle hadn't broke from you falling so much. You twist the cap off, enthusiastically and take along drink. When you finish you let out loud uncultured burp, and giggle like a child. You barely notice someone approach.
When he taps your shoulder, you scream and flail. 
"Easy kid," he says, "you a'right?" You shoot him a glare. 
You grasp onto the collar of his shirt and wag your finger at him. You say in a drunken slur, "Of course I'm a'right. Even if I wasn' I wouldn't ask for help from youuu.... Damn New Yorker,get out of Chicago..." He pushes you off of him lightly and dust off his shirt, and shoots you an uneasy look.
"Whatever, kid," he murmurs before walking away with his hands in his pockets. As he walks away you flip him off. You turn around and...

You are snapped out of your thoughts by a loud voice. It sounds like your kid sister. 
"I love my older sister," she yells from out of nowhere, "she's super nice...and...." She rambles on and on about you. 
You look around the small shocked. You pound your foot on the cold white title floor, within your reach, trying to find some kind of trick door or anything for your sister to be hiding. You look around frantically and a blinking green light on the ceiling catches your attention. A camcorder, your being videotaped. That still doesn't answer your question as to wear the noise is coming from though. 
Your eyes scan the ceiling and you notice a projector, a mic, and an intercom in the corner. Suddenly the projector hums to life. You follow the stream of light to the all wall in front of you. 
A video of your sister appears in front of you, she's smiling brightly at you and talking about how nice you are. Just as she is stuttering through a sentence of how greatly you draw, her image disappears. The entire room goes black. You blink a few times. 
The projectors hums back to life but the once smiling image of her sister, is gone and is replaced by a video of her white with fear and tears streaming down her face. You gasp in utter horror. You hear her screaming now. You look around desperately trying to find her. 
"Please...don't hurt me. Please, Mommy, Daddy help!" she wails. Panicking you try to look anywhere but at her face, but that's impossible. The video is projected on every wall. 
Finally you've had enough of the screams and her fear-stricken face.You demand, "Stop. Leave her alone, whoever you are. Just stop it!" The room goes black again, her image faded away and so has her screaming. But it's still etched in your mind. You hold your stomach tightly feeling nauseous, you throw up all over your lap. You collapse back on the futon and you black out as soon as your head hits the soft cushion. 

© 2011 Ashley S. Brown

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Author's Note

Ashley S. Brown
So how is it? I think it's pretty rushed but, I digress. This is a pretty weird chapter inspired by when I fell asleep a couple days ago and woke back up completely freaked out. I forgot what my room looked like and ended up hitting my head on the wall trying to get out of bed...

Anyway hoped you liked it. Review plz.

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Blegh, I reread it. I sound so redundant in some of the sentences. I'll have to fix that at a later date.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Ashley S. Brown
Ashley S. Brown

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I'm a newbie writer, still in middle school actually. But I love to write, so I'm going to start to get serious. I also have a fiction press and fanfiction account. I write more mature than I act .. more..