Little Maddy Morbid

Little Maddy Morbid

A Poem by Aimee Mahathy

lol, dark humour anyone?


Strolling, lolling
Among the graves;
She reads one line
"Jesus saves."
She knows no Jesus,
Only a Jake,
Who died in the night
Beneath a stake.

© 2010 Aimee Mahathy

Author's Note

Aimee Mahathy
XD please don't take this in the wrong way with the religion part. I mean no harm. I only intended it for the purpose of the joke.
Little vampire girl on a stroll~


Aimee Mahathy
Aimee Mahathy

Bloomington, IL

I'm 33 now, much more settled into myself, and getting back to it again. The previous about me is gonna stay for now, since it's still somewhat accurate and I need some time to figure out what to say .. more..