It's time to end your political prostitution.

It's time to end your political prostitution.

A Story by Myriam

A eulogy to those who, for so long, have survived on the seductive smell of money: It is time to end your political prostitution.

Twenty-three years in this country, most of which I sat here aghast, watching others and myself as we loop around in an endless time-lapse of gambits, bids, mutinies, and upheavals that bode ill from day one. I sat here face-to-face with a benumbed political system, a faltering social and racial justice, an economic seppuku for no effective reasons, and all I could think of was how putting spikes on your wheelchair does NOT make you any less paralyzed.

October 18, 2019, was the big bang of nationalism. In 1975, nationalism was conceived by those who sought to render, or rather shift our entrenched factions to a one patriotic movement under the name of “the Guardians of the Cedars”, a far-right ultranationalist Lebanese party to whom I say today: Lebanon, at your service.

This uprising today goes above and beyond economic catastrophes, regional hegemons, incommunicado detentions, the exuberant amount of migrants, women’s rights, open burning of waste, vehicle theft, pickpocketing, kidnappings, murders, tax-increase, the ludicrous ongoing ransack that is met by nothing but contempt, and so forth. What is happening today is, in one way or another, the eruption of guilt with ranged spiritual attacks. It is a nation that is finally standing as one big shark in a sea of piranhas. It is a mavericks-crafted revolution against those who personified bloodshed and still, to this day, call themselves human.

It is about time that our government (note this as the technical term we use in Lebanon when referring to our endeared warlords and militia leaders) snaps out of its delirium as we try to wash away a shameful historical footprint that recites the story of 128 animals that ran for political offices over, and over, and over again.

With the intention of not sounding as deliberately forgetful of their unforgettable names, it would suffice at this point to say that each and everyone of those who remain on their high horse are there, and only there, to remain as a myth for the lack of better alternatives, as said by Alfred Madi in 1991, and I quote solely for descriptive purposes. However, in a country mired in economic issues, a technocratic government led by individuals whose main reputational advantage would be putting national interests above any else, while exercising their acquired expertise into the rebuilding of this nation, would be a key practical mechanism to elevate this country and bring it back on its feet. I, as is everyone else, am sick to the back teeth of listening to same political regiment whisper sweet nothings into our ears, with the same graceful hope they clenched their fists onto years ago of us giving them one more chance too much to make it right. I am sick to the back teeth of the same political regiment whose responses are way too slow it’s like we’re playing chess by e-mail. But it has become evident that every single one with even the minimal observation skills was right… You are the kind that everyone wishes to see go straight from womb to tomb.

Seventy-two hours that will be good to the last drop. Seventy-two hours, carefully calculated, as your hurl to transfer your looted money safely. Seventy-two hours for you to follow a trail of roses that lead to a sink full of dirty dishes. Seventy-two hours of us being too busy asking for our basic rights, so excuse us but tonight you’ll have to choke yourselves. Seventy-two hours for you to seek resurrection until you finally realize that money is no God and that greed is but hell. This is where we stop bleeding out the bullets pouring down our mothers’ eyes. This is where history stops and begins again. This is where we draw the line on the politics of neglect. This is where you start looking up “dignity” in your dictionary of kakistocracy. And last but not least, if not to help you get ushered through the pearly gates, it is to help ourselves, thus it is time to end your political prostitution.

Rest in pieces.

© 2019 Myriam

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Your thoughts are very true and valid across the globe, including my place, India. Well now it is not so bad here.
Anyways your writing is really amazing. Myriam, please keep writing and posting on here :)

Posted 2 Years Ago

Dear Myrian, doesn't matter where you live. Bought and paid-for leaders are running our world. I liked your words and thoughts. I believe we need to listen to what the leaders said and what they do. If the common people everywhere don't gather as one. The common people shall be forgotten. Powerful words shared my friend.

Posted 3 Years Ago


3 Years Ago

Beautifully put. Thank you!
Coyote Poetry

3 Years Ago

You are welcome dear Myriam.

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