We Are The People

We Are The People

A Poem by Sleepless Dreamer

It's 1AM and I am thinking about the issues in modern society.

As life passes by lives pass by,
lives of emptiness and sorrow
with only a hint of freedom.
We taste the putrid flavor of our society
decaying as they refuse to understand the positions of others.
Our souls almost extinguished from the constant coat of oppression laid upon us.

Yet we rise!
We continue the fight even if we are outnumbered. 
Our will will change history for it is us who are suffering.
This pain we endure will let us prosper,
though pain shouldn't be the answer we use it to reignite our flames!
Our souls will conquer this terrain,
we shall show the entire universe that we are no longer oppressed
for our goals are noble, for we come in peace for peace!

The significance of our lives is not diminished by the existence of yours.
Though you may not agree with us, though you may not be a part of us
you are in fact a human being with us.
Your existence is what fuels us to prosper, for we would like to emerge as equals in the light of our radiant sun.
This sun fights for our sons, our daughters as well!
All the oppressed, all the attacked, we grow as one.
The people will not halt until we emerge on the same plain as you.

We do not want to emerge on top 
for our goals that would contradict,
we only would like to emerge as equals
for this earth is not a battle ground,
this earth is not a place for agony and despair.
This Earth is home to each and every one of us,
so I implore you to listen
I implore you to understand
I implore you to rally with us.
We may not be many but we are here.

We are the people.

© 2014 Sleepless Dreamer

Author's Note

Sleepless Dreamer
all criticism is welcome but please don't be rude! Thank you for reading it and I hope you enjoyed, leave your comments if you'd like, I'd love to hear your input!

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Added on July 21, 2014
Last Updated on July 21, 2014
Tags: LGBTQ+, Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Trans*, Life, Women, Acceptance, Civil Rights, Human Rights, Happiness


Sleepless Dreamer
Sleepless Dreamer


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