Reality Fiction

Reality Fiction

A Poem by Nichole Angela

Reading books is not that simple and boring...It just depends on what the reader sees...Genres all have different meanings and message but still makes an impact to others...


-Reality Fiction-

Flipping through the fictional book,
The truth unfolds
Reviving the long lost emotions
Why does it state the words that represents reality?

The grief of the words that wants to be heard arises
Echoing in the confined halls of reality
Wanting to break free from the reality's prison
Wanting to break free from society

Bonded by the norms of the world
Only a few manages to visit them
Those who has the ability to understand them
Those who holds the key called "imagination"

In the myths of the past
To the modern times
They continued to live through history
Co-existing with reality

Living in the limitless paradise 
Gliding in the infinite sky
Dancing with the trees
Playing with the moon and the stars

Nothing has changed since then
The Eden remains open to the selected few 
Let them hear your voice that calls for them
Bringing us to the world where we can be ourselves

Playing with reality's ideas
Turning the truth into twisted truths
Stating a fact that relates to one's life
Creating a treasure that will last a lifetime

Living in a fictional reality is paradise
A haven that no one can explain
If only you could come with us 
You will shout this words too

The illusion of the world
Masked in different words
Like an addicting drug
Yearning for the words that it whispers

The adventure of fantasy
The reality of fiction
The dramas of adventure
The twists of friendship and love

The genres that never fades
An immortal being with an endless purpose
The bringer of hope and dreams
The branch of reality continues to exist

If you are reading this then that means you have the "key"
A glimpse through the fiction of reality
The reality that becomes fiction
The fictional and realistic truths of the world

© 2012 Nichole Angela

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Added on October 24, 2012
Last Updated on October 25, 2012


Nichole Angela
Nichole Angela


I just want to share what's on my mind more..