The Corrupted Arrow

The Corrupted Arrow

A Poem by Nichole Angela

Sins stains the world and cannot be wiped of the face of reality but we can always do our best to suppress them...


-The Corrupted Arrow-

A thousand arrows fired at once 
All soldiers waiting in paradise 
Blinded by what they see, 
They sat in the silent darkness

Embraced by the cradle of warmth 
Protected by the graceful sun 
The soldiers with no weapons in hand 
Continued living under the clouds' haven

They were soaring freely like birds 
Chasing the tracks of wind's breeze
While back down at the barren land, 
A feast of shadows waits and watches

The looming shadows crawled without presence 
Aiming at their prey with hungry eyes 
The soldiers slumbers in the cradle of innocence 
Not knowing of what shall befall on their unguarded negligence

And so in the darkness,  
They continued to wait... 
Waiting without exposing their existence in the basking light... 
An eerie silence where the intention hides

A grin escaped their lips 
Signaling the beginning of demise
Firing the ace of their kin 
A tiny yet lethal weapon to the innocents

Upon the arrival of the invisible arrows, 
The soldiers were clueless of what has happened 
Unknown to the world, 
They continued walking with the arrows sticking their fragile bodies

Too small and hurts a little causing it to be easily ignored 
The poisonous substance continued its journey to the heart and mind 
Spreading its venomous control over the helpless soldiers 
The abyss of corrupted thoughts plagues the purest of thoughts

They were swept into meaningless battles 
Killing no one with no exception 
The ravages of war stains the purity of Eden 
Fading from white to red then to black

The arrows of greed, lies and killing intents 
Thousands of others of its kind drives the world insane 
Vicious actions are always mimed 
History repeats itself

The grief of the fallen angels’ echoes through the land 
Singing in melodious noises and cries 
Drowning in their own faults 
Fighting for survival in an unsteady future

Soldiers marching into peace once again 
Although the scars remained, 
We must learn to balance the opposing colors
Slumbering chaos into the deepest part of our memories

Haunting Chaos 
The rivers of blood continued flowing 
In the company of the distorted winter autumn breeze, 
The arrow of guilt makes it way

Embark on a journey to see the light once again 
Pulling the black arrow that pierced the blinded soul 
Black ashes are remnants of the world's sins 
Showering all over the land

Now, open your eyes 
Although it will sting,
You will be able to find out the truth  
Break free from the repeating cycles


© 2012 Nichole Angela

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Added on October 25, 2012
Last Updated on October 25, 2012


Nichole Angela
Nichole Angela


I just want to share what's on my mind more..