Nemesis Versus Blazion

Nemesis Versus Blazion

A Story by Nic

A young boy fights a flaming creature


Nemesis VS Blazion

A blue haired 5 year old slept soundly on a wooden surface in an empty one floor house. There was no discomfort in his facial expression or in his body language, he was used to it �" after-all he’s been an orphan since 3 and there is not much choice when you don’t have any decent place to live in, let alone sleep in.

This little boy though was far from miserable, he was actually happily dreaming of the events that happened earlier in that day…

The backdoor he found in the village he lived in led to a forest and in that forest he saw for the very first time a Blazion! The sun was setting and it was late afternoon when he saw the firey creature with legs. At first he thought it was just a regular campfire until he saw it had a face and limbs to move with. He was filled with excitement and he wanted to catch the creature, it could light up his shelter for one and it might do great company as he’d been living alone for 2 years. So he jumps and tries to catch it but the Blazion evaded him though burning his arm in the process. The 5 year old rolled around the forest floor holding his injured arm, crying in pain. After sometime the pain somewhat subsided and he was mad for revenge. He sat down and thought of how to catch the Blazion without getting burned, then he remembered seeing one of the neighbouring kids who lived in the same village as him, holding a Blazion in a glass container and showing it to her parents. Yes! A glass case was his solution! And he knew just where to find one.

Back to the village he dashed then to one of the village bakeries. He entered and was greeted by the smell of fresh bread; on the top were muffins in small glass cases. Great he could kill 2 birds with one stone; he would get what he needed and a meal. So while the baker was busy attending to a customer, the boy took his chance to steal one of the glass cases. He quickly ran out the door with it. The baker though obviously noticed him and started running after him but the boy was in luck cause the baker in pursuit of him, tripped. Taking a muffin from the glass case he stole and shoving it into his mouth the boy ran as fast as he could. Man was he hungry, he hasn’t ate all day �" it was hard living as an orphan, you don’t get much food everyday. Reaching the village backdoor once again, he picked the lock, this time hurriedly though since he was being chased. Once the backdoor opened, he ducked into a nearby bush and hid. 1 hour passed and soon 2, the footsteps faded. Peeping out from his hiding place, to make sure the coast was clear the kid heaved a sigh of relief. Jumping out after securing himself, he once again went to look for that Blazion he saw awhile ago as he finished the last of the muffins in the glass case.

Licking his fingers clean, he sighted the Blazion once again. A sinister smile formed on his face as he pounced on it this time capturing it in the glass case. He jumped up and down triumphantly over his accomplishment and brought his prize home. Just in time too, it was getting dark and the Blazion was an excellent source of light in the darkness. Back into the village he ventured and into this rundown one storied house that looked like it was about to collapse any minute. This was his home; settling the glass case down on the half-broken table, the boy congratulated himself on a job well done. Now it was time to reward himself with a good night’s sleep.

That boy’s name was Nemesis and this is where our tale begins…

© 2013 Nic

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Added on January 10, 2013
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Richmond, BC, Canada

So who is the Nic? Well, I have been writing ever-since 10 years old and i don't plan to stop. I do plan to be someday a great author! Right now my biggest project is this webcomic i am working .. more..

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