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Richmond, BC, Canada
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About Me

So who is the Nic?

Well, I have been writing ever-since 10 years old and i don't plan to stop. I do plan to be someday a great author!

Right now my biggest project is this webcomic i am working on with my partner and close friend Yuishizu. The webcomic is entitled "Age Of Chaos: Depths of the Past". It's a story about several kids living in a village of assassins! They get enrolled into an assassin school and learn basically how to become assassins themselves. There are 25 races involved in the story and a number of interesting creatures!
Art is by Yuishizu, Storyboard & Website Management by Nic

I am a big anime & manga fan of a lot of animes & mangas; I love it!

I am also an rpg (including mmorpgs) fan! (total gamer(even in non-rpgs)! (But of course with a standard on played games as only good games should be played)

and a big bookworm seriously! lolxD

Nic's Profile....
Name: Nicole Chua
Nicknames: Nic, NJ, Nicbot
Bday: June 23, 1989
Gender: Female
Nationality: Filipino (yes I originated from the Philippines (was there since birth till I was 17))
Relationship Status: Single
Residing in: currently Canada (moved here when I was 17-18years old)
Hobbies: reading, writing novels/stories/poems/songs, playing games (mmorpg and rpg mostly but also non-rpgs that are to my liking), watching anime/yaoi, hanging out with friends, Texting
Interests (in no such order): anime, yaoi, cosplays, books, games, friends, comics, mangas, fanfiction, original stories (that are not/not yet books on shelves), art, writing, magic, fantasy, imagination, mythology, some technology and music
At the moment working on: Age of Chaos 2 "Lies in the Depths of the Past..."(rewriting it) , Age of Chaos "Between the Past, Present, and the Future" (rewriting it)
Fave book: The Dark Tower Series by Stephen King (mainly: book 4 = Wizard and Glass) (You must read this....I repeat...You MUST read this series)
Fave drink: hot = apple cider, cold = lemonade
Fave number: 4


MY E-MAIL ADD = [email protected]


MY fanfiction site =

MY fictionpress site =

Author: Oki look look i got some of my characters drawn! Yay! You're gonna be amazed!!
Reise Wong =
Kyle =
D.S./Aphelion =
Kishin =
Pixie Puff =
Seiichiro Tanaka =
Lily Lydris =
Gin Hitomi =
Sekah Yumiko = (kid) (teenager)
A couple of slayers (they are not named yet) =
Cybertech's first character =
Heero Takashi =
Diana Isaar =
Minugi Mianagi =
Juno Sarasota =
Mikaela =
Leyl Sunami =
Kay Sekashi =
Freya Jaffords =
Fumiko Ryujiro =
Xerxes Kyouji =
Akemi Hiroichi =
Aoi Hiroichi =
Chiselle Chambers =
Miyu Mikami =
Cloe Jaffords =
Zcythe =