Chapter 1-part 2

Chapter 1-part 2

A Story by Nikki

This is the second half of my first chapter... hope you like it!



     Two bright eyes peered at me attentively from inside a padded cage.  At first I wasn’t sure what it was, until I caught sight of a fluffy tail twitching back and forth, and glistening whiskers sprouting out from each side. 

     “You got me-you got me,” I struggled to finish, “you got me a cat?!”  I shrieked with happiness almost bursting from me.

     I quickly un-did the latch on the front of the carrier, and pulled open the small door at a more, slower pace.  Moving myself a bit from the cage, a black cat stepped out into the open, with glowing green eyes.  Its fur was short and glossy, and it had a long, skinny tail.    Its hind legs were built for speed, its muscles stretching and releasing from its every breath. 

     “Hey buddy, aren’t you a cutie!”  I leaned forward to greet the new family member.  The soft sunlight became harsh as the grass swayed through the light breeze.  Backing away, the cat growled and fluffed up its neck fur.  “Oh geez, sorry.”  I said quietly as I tried not to get too worked up about it.

     “I wasn’t sure which one to pick- I thought this one looked right for you.”  My Oma finished, as she gulped down the rest of her beer.

     Glowing green eyes, big muscle legs, shiny white fangs, how could she think this one was for me?

     I shot her a smile, making sure that it seemed believable.  “Thanks… I really like him.”  I said to her as I glanced at the cat again.  “If I was evil…”  I mumbled, sending the four-legged animal a glare.  It stared back at me, bitterness reflecting in its eyes. 

     “Well, I’ve got to make the best of it,” I thought to myself, thinking of how much better it could be.  “I’m going to name him Rex!”  I announced to everyone.  “More like a nasty, unpleasant thing that appears to be wicked.”  I mumbled once more.

     Taking one last try with the bitter cat, I reached my hand out, attempting a slower approach.  It only hissed at me once more, its eyes blazing in the light.  “Oh well…”  I finished, wrapping up my thoughts about the sour cat. 

     I glanced at Tante Krista, who looked back at me with sad sympathy.  She obviously could tell how I felt.  Disappointment flowed through me, the one chance I get a cat and it happens to be bad natured.

     A couple hours had passed by and all of the party guests were having boring conversations.  “I feel like hanging myself.”  I said sarcastically as I tucked myself into a corner.  It seemed like forever as I watched everyone talk about boring things-boats, jobs, money, cars-it lasted a life-time.  “Too bad none of my friends could come.”  I mumbled with disappointment.

    Just then, I heard a noise from along the side of the house.   I peered around the corner.  The side-gate was hanging wide open, its rusted hinges squeaking as it swayed in the breeze.  “Hmmm…”  I thought with an evil grin.  Glancing around the yard, I made sure no one caught sight of me.  Seconds later, I dashed out through the welcoming gate, and onto the sidewalk.  “Now let’s go and find some fun!”  I thought to myself.  Just when I saw freedom, I heard something coming from behind me.  I whipped around.  Meow!  It was the new cat-Rex.  “Oh, what do you want now!?”  I asked him loudly.  He stared at me with a blank face.  “Hmmm, looks to me like he wants a fresh start.”  I thought to myself.  I took a deep breath, reminding myself to keep calm.  “Okay, come on.”  I said in a soothing voice.  “Let’s both go.”  And we both started to make our way down the street, side by side as friends...


© 2010 Nikki

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Brampton, Brampton, Canada

I am writing a story, more like a novel. My dream is for lots of people to like it and it will become popular, maybe one day it will become famous and my dream will come true! If you like the things.. more..

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