A Lovers Tragedy

A Lovers Tragedy

A Story by Nick

A story of love destroyed


Once upon a time,

There was a beautiful princess, said to have been descended from the comingling of angels and the deities. She had suffered tragically in her up-bringing, hardening her heart, mind, body and soul early on. Yet, through it all she had managed to maintain her grace, dignity and ability to love. And love she did, with all of her being, though it never lasted long for the men she chose couldn’t live up to grace of the princess. They, being merely human had fallen too far from grace to be able to control themselves.

Eventually the princess found a prince with whom she thought she had found a companion. His heritage placed him among the angelic as well, but sadly, he didn’t bare many of the angelic traits like she did. He fell from grace, and even worse he tore her down in his devilness. His selfishness, uncaring and greed caused him to forget that he held the love of a magnificent being, and so he destroyed, degraded and betrayed this amazing angel-kin. He was cruel and heartless, and almost unthinking in the way he went about with his affairs and harsh tongues.

In the end, the princess had given herself fully to him and as a result had become destroyed. Yes, she still remained beautiful, inside and out, but she grew distant from her demon-lover, for it was apparent that he didn’t care about her. Eventually, something changed in the demon, but far too late to be of significance. Slowly he began to realize what he had had this entire time. He noticed that she truly was an Angel, descended from the gods themselves. Beautiful and magnificent. Too late he released himself from his cruelty and let his heart open and be consumed with love for this wonderful woman.

In the end he had already committed acts far beyond forgiveness. And forgiveness the princess tried to bestow, but could not, for her wounds were far too numerous and deep. So she drifted away, and he let her because he saw what he’d done and realized he had no right to fight to keep this magnificent creature he’d so betrayed. Yet, he remained faithful, honest and true to her, striving to be a better man.

But, the princess had found love elsewhere, where she had not expected to find it. A loup garou had won her heart. He was like the demon in almost every way, but better in one important faucet. He wasn’t selfish and would never hurt her. They fell madly in love and the demon had to fall to the sidelines and watch this woman he’d found such magnificent love for give herself to another in every way he’d finally managed to give her; but again, far, far too late to matter.

And so, the demon slipped out of sight and left his love to her happiness, praying the loup garou would never harm her the way he had. Praying that maybe his princess would one day return to him, but knowing it could never be. The damage was done and could not be reversed, no matter how he tried.

The demon learned a valuable lesson through it all though. When someone gives their heart to you, it is important to not take that gift lightly and to give the same in return. Love knows no boundaries, but hurt and despair can still crush the life out of love...

© 2010 Nick

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Added on September 19, 2010
Last Updated on September 19, 2010



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I'm just a normal person. I love writing stories, and just recently have gotten into poetry, of a sort. more..

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