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A Poem by Chaos Complex

I'm intoxicated-

Not on alcohol but with anger.

Caution signs up, wear a hard hat cause I'm a danger.

My rhymes are sweet- take this candy from a stranger.

Birth of a savior, like my raps were born in a manger-

But far from a virgin, must have had darkness merge in.

Now I'm purging all my enemies/ militantly.

It's like I got Metal Gear's Snake with me.

Stealth season should have taught em about the way I'm creeping up,

And killing the game, after torturing it hand-cuffed/

To my bed,

With a Walmart bag over it's head/

And distributing cigarette burns over her legs.

They say I'm sick, like I got a cold, and that I'm crazed,

But I swear I'm feeling top class, like a nerdy Asian kid with A's.

Society just hates me cause I can read between the lines and stay hard as onyx.

You f*****s can't understand? This is your new hooked on phonics!

Study this s**t and understand that you're just a number,

And they want your social security and work you into an eternal slumber.

Wake up sleeping beauty, quit being a lazy b***h- that's tasteless.

And do something to better your life instead of lay there wasted.

My f*****g fire is alive, you can feel it's eminence-

But most of these jerk offs only see ignorance.

If I lived the way you depicted me to-

I'd probably have killed myself,

That's why I said, "F**k em!"

And succeeded where I should have failed!

I banged that b***h called life-

I got it nailed.

I'm killing these kids all day.

Hunger Games: I'm winning that s**t like I got a pendant with a Mockingjay!

So while you all stay plugged in, I'm AFK,

IDGAF, so you can suck my dick with no JK.

Hell, if I gave a damn, I couldn't go H.A.M.,

That's why my lyrics stay kicking like Jackie Chan.

Yet, fly like Han Solo.

And I believe in reincarnation,


I'm traveling all these realms like a spiritual hobo,

Looking like the living dead in photo's,

Cause they said hip hop was deceased,

But if that's true- why can a psycho like me create a lyrical masterpiece?

Oh, no bro...

I think my kindness gave up...

Someone sew my mouth shut,

Cause I'm about to spew another feeling-hurting rant about how you suck...

Numb nuts.

© 2012 Chaos Complex

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Added on April 7, 2012
Last Updated on April 7, 2012


Chaos Complex
Chaos Complex


I like to express my emotions and feelings in poetry. I write a lot of rap/hip hop stuff. I'm really vulgar. Deal with it. I don't get many reviews, but thank you to those who even bother to re.. more..