The Misty Keys

The Misty Keys

A Poem by Odayin



The misty air that lies within clouds my views,
The door locks itself, with a key I never wanted to lose,
My mind just can't seem to wrap around it all,
So I decided to slip, and just let you fall.
The conspiring footholds get fatigued from weight,
And the hypnosis brewing, now an endless checkmate,
Watching the nation harboring it's askew credentials,
And becoming a brainwashed center, one that's essential.

I know that it always looks good on paper,
And that we can always unite in the venomous vapor,
But if our hypocritical pasts can't teach us a lesson,
Then is it wise to stay in the dark and just keep guessing?
I mean it's not like we don't know the solution,
And to think that our biggest problem was pollution.
It's okay, human beings were built to be dense,
And maybe lines one through eight will make sense?

© 2013 Odayin

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well life is a passage where we find doors after opening one and sometimes we consider patience as the key when a door demands a key!
beautifully composed

Posted 8 Years Ago

Okay here goes...being tired of the world as it is makes us decide to chuck it all and let what will be just happen. But in turning a blind eye we are always burdened with a heart so we never really can totally keep our mitts out the mix. We are a culture that NEVER learns from history (yeah..yeah "these are different circumstances"...load of crap) if we just opened our eyes we would notice three things never change 1: how much, why, where, we spend money. 2: nobody can decide on just who was correct in what the religion of way back when was and therefore who is correct. 3: power...who has it..who is better...who's military can devour yours...who has the most recent spy device and who put said device in space first to spy on who is the weaker...poorer...and religiously unacceptable. If we just thought alittle bit more when we were growing up and listened and educated ourselves better on what we could...should..and might change even just within ourselves maybe there wouldn't be such strife...greed...distrust...envy...basically the seven sins can be laid at not just one individual...but at the human race as a whole. DON'T EVEN GET ME STARTED ON THE ECO-SCREW UPS!!!! (That includes any and all plant...animal...mammal...just to scratch the surface ;). How'd I do?

Posted 8 Years Ago


8 Years Ago

Perfectly. This poem is designed to spark specific individual reactions and spark further thoughts .. read more
Shy Girl

8 Years Ago

*slight nod in thank you* it definitely got me spinning. LOL!!!

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Added on January 28, 2013
Last Updated on January 28, 2013
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I'm just one of many trying to find a little more about life by observing everything in it; from the people, to nature, to every separate personality, my mind and thoughts have smoothed by the blessin.. more..

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