The Sky May Fall (2nd and Complete part)

The Sky May Fall (2nd and Complete part)

A Story by Ovi-Odiete

This is a short story, the second and complete part of my story The Sky May Fall. A tragic lost end

Within the twinkle of an eye, a very strong storm took charge,
Crawling slowly at first till it got to its peak.
Listening carefully, I could hear doors shattering as a loud scream escapes from the other room.
This was the other side of Midnight, this was my fear; my burden.
It was Papa, drunk and fooled from alcohol,
Who was hitting mama again and again,
Hitting her harder.
I ran towards mama's room, screaming with my heart beating faster,
Whatever happened to Mama?
Did He kill her?
Silence was what I heard... ... Until it slowly faded

Time went on and things never changed a bit.
I hated papa for his cruelty and wickedness towards mama
I loved mama, but she resented me with all her soul and
Either ways, I was lonely.

Another year and another year and another year passed by, as I grew into a Beautiful Loner and like the stars; I illuminated the nights with the glow from my skin
I became wanted by Every Man, ranging from ties to trousers and even shorts;
they all wanted me, they desired me, they needed me.
Mamas case had gone worse still; she has been struck with stroke after a frightening night storm and Papa had gone to the other realm after a severe heart attack, and for once,
I felt on top of the world; the world my stage, the streets my walk way
And the men; they flocked around- a hive of honey bees,
Watching every sway I made with my hips and every bounce I made with my breasts.

And then it came to pass; I abandoned Mama for prince charming, to the place called paradise on Earth.

"This was another place, this was another time, this was another me- my past
was gone, my past?
My past never existed, they tell me I can't erase my past and I told them I did. I erased the past, I am the strength of darkness, the shadows that trailed the fearful nights, the serpent that crawls around looking for who to unleash my venom on- I am anger, pain, hate and evil
All within me; I bear in the tides, nights of terror to all those that hurt me"

Prince Charming took me all around the mulberry world,
Chasing every iota of fame and pleasure; I arrived,
Standing taller than the whole world; my name was breakfast for every T.v show.

The Lady in me came forth, but at this time,
Prince Charming became too demanding and I don't like to be pushed or tossed around.
So when he became inconvenient to me, I pushed him away; I did
I became the boss, setting the rules while they followed.

Mama grew old, out of poverty and died
I was never there for her funeral, because I had no mother, no father
A good for nothing, a Loner and
As time passed by, every being born of a woman began to offend me and when I noticed this,
I pushed them away, building walls, wires and cables around me.
At a time, Men couldn't offer Me anything
They abused me, raped me, they destroyed me and sapped off my beauty through sex
Sex was all; at least that was what I was good for,
They broke my heart; shattered it into pieces, never to be mended.

I had an alter ego, who always told me these,

"You will always be lonely; you are an evil child, a good for nothing, usually are a Misery; A Bane! A Curse,
Another time the same voice spake in another tone saying,
This is the time, they've stepped on you,
They gave you fame, but damaged you!!
Stand up! Revenge! Fight back!

Time for War,
War against men, the more money, height, fame I had and attained, the more pain, emptiness and hatred I felt
Hatred for who?
Hatred for the whole world, hatred for you and you, even you.
Hatred for me from me"

And then the sky started falling,
Sitting on my bed in my bedroom, within my castle, I began to reflect
As the tears started flowing, from the hot stream of anguish and agony burning
Within my heart
I am so alone, Alone, in need of a friend
Someone to help me carry on

But those opposing words kept coming again and again saying,

"Diana Diana, Rose of the morning lights.... .
You are getting very weak; very drowsy
You use to be stronger than ice. Did they break you?
Did they pull you down?
Did they make you dry?
Did they destroy you?
Oh Diana Diana.... .
Rose of the morning light....
Stand up now!
I answered,
How do I pay them back?
The voice replied saying,
You can't destroy them.
They are too many; too many
Just end it all.....
I answered again,
Am I not going to loose it all if I ever end it all?

The Voice again........
That is the only way.
End it all
When you end it all,
They will all miss you, they will cry for you,
They will reminisce your good deeds and wish they never destroyed you.
They will never forgive themselves....
Never........ .
Do it!
Do it!
That loneliness, pain and anguish will slowly melt away, they will never come back
Death is an escape from the problems of this callous world........Run away Diana!
Run away
Run away
Run away

That was all I needed,
Running at a fast pace,
I went into the kitchen,
Picked up my brown knife and
Pierced deep
Deep and deep and
Deep and deep and wide
Within the walls of my heart
Slicing it, piercing it

And then the sky fell faster as my scream echoed in the other side of Midnight,
The other realm,
The other world and
My Blood
Like a
The more I ran,
The more the sky chased after me and
In a matter of time,
I became
Eluded by erebus dark, with
Piercing hands, snagging me to
Someone help me!!!
I screamed and called for my alter ego to
Help me, but
There was no reply
I am
Now alone
More alone
The heat was too much
It was burning; with scorching flames as I got closer
It was unbearable
No friend to save me,
No where to Hide,

Ovi Odiete, July 2015.

© 2015 Ovi-Odiete

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Wow. Words alive and strong. The story got better and better. You made the reader think and brought them in. I liked the flow of thoughts leading to the sad ending. Thank you for sharing the amazing story.

Posted 8 Years Ago


8 Years Ago

Thank you so much, it's my pleasure you liked it....
Coyote Poetry

8 Years Ago

I did and you are welcome.

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