The Last Letter

The Last Letter

A Poem by Ashton A.

A Poem based on William Dorsey Pender, who was famous for his letters to his wife during the American civil war.


“To my dearest wife, how I miss you so.

The war hasn’t let up.

And my heartache seems to grow.


I know I’ve dedicated my wretched soul,

To this endless battle field.

But my heart to you belongs in whole.


I just hope, my dear, you understand,

That I would give anything, and everything,

Just to be with you, and hold your hand


But please don’t fret about me my love,

You know well my skill is unsurpassed.

In all I am a soldier to be proud of.


So as I sit and write to you now,

In the middle of Gettysburg,

I will see you soon, and this I vow.


I can’t wait to hold you in my arms again,

I promise not to be long.

This I swear as I connect paper to pen.


I love you,

I miss you,

It won’t be long now.


You’re husband, William Dorsey Pender.”


I look up from the letter,

Tears in my eyes.

He thinks this war is all for better.

But it’s coldness I despise.


But then again, my husband is a dear man.

“He always keeps his word.

I just don’t understand,”


“Ah well, I trust he knows best.

But then again….”



A knock at the door. My face turns sour.

“Someone’s here? At this late hour?”


But my mind starts to race as my pulse grows faster.

“Could it be that my darling has finally come home?!”

I run to the window like a dog, awaiting his master.


The shadow of a man stands on the porch.

My hand trembling, I open the door.

But to my dismay, it is not my husband who awaits me.

A soldier who looks forlorn.


He looks at me with a kind sadness that held sympathy and grief,

His hat in hand, he hands me a parchment as I stare in disbelief.


I already expect the worse.

Before turning to leave he speaks to me.

“I’m sorry Ma’am.” His voice was horse.


I shut the door slowly, Lay the parchment down.

Afraid of the news within. My face holds a permanent frown.


I was eagerly awaiting news from my husband.

About how he had won another battle and was coming home!

But I knew better...

And now, I am alone.

© 2008 Ashton A.

Author's Note

Ashton A.
Don't be too harsh, it was just my rendition of a 'school project' years ago....

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Added on August 16, 2008


Ashton A.
Ashton A.


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