A Poem by Chloe..Across the Universe

We are all a statistic...


The wolves are at our doors, they are growling and snarling, biting at our heels. We don't notice we're too busy living our lives ...

Off in the distance a child cries as his mother beats him while his father smokes crack and looses touch with a reality he can't face.
The child is six  under- nourished with quite big brown eyes that keep a look of constant terror. His only crime , being born. What shall become of this little boy so alone , hopeless , friendless.  Who cares about another black child from the inner city ? Who cares about his mother herself a victim of abuse. Who cares of his father lost in depression and despair. His only love.. the dirty  white chunks of  cocaine he smokes from a pipe he stole at the tobacco store when the clerk wasn't looking . Who cares? Who ?

A few  statistic's.

Across town a young girl sits in her room surrounded by her lavish possessions staring at the ceiling . Wishing her mother would give her a hug and say, " I love you."
Her mother is the head of the annual country club fund raiser. Appearances are important to her.
Her daughter is an embarrassment.
Her daughter has bulimia.
Her daughter cuts her skin to feel.
Just to feel something , she has never felt love she has everything but love.
Who cares about another rich white girl who cuts herself to feel. Who?
Who cares about an affluent  white woman who's idea of success is measured by status and appearances .
She grew up in a loveless home wearing her sister's hand me down's now she gives her Ralph Lauren and Donnatelli to the local Salvation Army.
Who cares about this woman ? A woman who never knew anything but struggles in life .
In her warped thinking she thinks possessions  and social status  equal love .
Who cares?

Another statistic.

In a small suburb in middle America a young boy of sixteen is about smoke  his first hit of crystal  meth. His mom and dad smoke marijuana with him , so its cool . So at the urging of his friends he takes that first hit and is forever chasing that feeling lost in a world of paranoia and destruction . Who cares about another meth -addcit whose parents are too busy getting high to notice their son is nothing but bones, anger and nerves with track marks on his thin arms. Who cares?

Another statistic.

Across the sea in a city called Baghdad a young woman of twenty-four looks at a photograph of her child.
She joined the Army to make a better life for her only child. She didn't want her child to struggle and wear hand me downs and eat lunch with the free lunch passes that always embarrassed her as she handed the card to the woman with downcast eyes. The food always tasted bitter. She could barely swallow it.
So to the Army she went when she graduated because she couldn't afford college and no one would give her a student loan. Her baby was a year old when she graduated . Now she sets in a strange land with sand blowing around her blurring her already blurred teary  vision as she hears gunfire in the near distance , a tear fall's on the picture of the babe she so longs to hold close and smell , a fellow soldier fall's to his death.

Who cares about this woman who was only trying to make a better life for her fatherless child? Who cares? Who cares for this babe who misses her mommy every day and doesn't understand why she doesn't come home, who cares?
Who cares about the young man of  twenty - one just married six months dreaming of one day working with his dad in his dad's auto repair shop so he can buy his wife a nice house . Who cares that he lies on foreign soil as his life force seeps into the land's desert sands and he gasps his last breath . Who cares?

A couple of statistics..

In another land far away men sit in secret places and plot against their enemies as they prepare for  Holy War.
America is evil and must fall.
These men have been taught from the day they could say their first word to hate America and all she stood for so hate they do and they do it well and it shows
Who cares about the men and the evil in their hearts? Who cares?

Just statistics .

In a city in America in a house that's white a man sits in the oval office and wonders how and what has happened with a war he conceived  before he ever entered the sacred office. A war he thought would be over and  out in a few months. Does he care ? Does he feel the pain a young wife feels when the man walks to her door in uniform to inform her her husband with the crooked smile and dancing eyes will not be coming home to work with his dad ? Does he feel the pain of the mothers and fathers and sisters and brothers and friends and lovers and crack babies and crack w****s and drug addicts  and millionaires and bums and gays , straights ,  black , white , red, yellow , brown , albino , freckled , flawed , perfect , sane , insane.  Does he feel the pain ?
He has a job to do he has an agenda.

The fault lies not with this one man but with all of us . From here to Timbuktu and all points in between. From the people of all the colors of the rainbow , all walks of lives - do we care ? And if we do care what can we do ? We are just one man or one woman. What good is one voice? 

Just another statistic.

The wolves are closing in and the world will never be the same again.

It's just a matter of statistics .

© 2011 Chloe..Across the Universe

Author's Note

Chloe..Across the Universe
Written awhile back......and lately i have little time for writing and too much going on in my head and life for thinking so another from when i was inspired a little bit.also, i love reading the reviews as everyone has something to add and make me think ..That's why i feature it, love your opinions and thoughts

So we don't have to be just a statistic..unite through writing. words.
Write Senators, Congressmen and women .. unite .. speak your mind and make it heard ..
It is a quarter to doomsday..clock is ticking ...don't hit snooze..right?

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Oh my Chloe what have you written her, this is really something of monumental magnitude as you reach deep into the soul of humanities current state... as we wrestle with our little problems the world around become a collage of faces but we don't want to put names to them so we can remain ignorant and therefore not feel guilt or shame for not lending a hand... and the government doesn't want to hear our problems unless we got money to donate to there campaign funds... Damn this is really Spectacular!!

Posted 16 Years Ago

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Having just got round to reading your effort. Jolly good. Well done. However, I think you are pissing in the wind if you think you can change the world. Never mind! You have had a go!

Posted 6 Years Ago

I read each part... turn to my husband to get his opinion more stopped and shared... A discussion you have started here with this piece. I am extremely happy I had the chance to read this today... You've sparked a thought in me....


Posted 12 Years Ago

chloe chloe, so full of woe, i do love your poems so, who cares you ask, this earth plane, i believe is a karmic school, we reap what sow so it is said, by various religions, looking at life like that, all war mongering greedy despots, will face their karma, all karmic debts must be paid, fate makes it's own date, our orbit is fixed to our soul, we reap what we sow, chloe, write a book with characters, in your poems, give them some hope to escape to a nicer life, just a thought my friend, moonbean i hope you likemy honest review

Posted 13 Years Ago

How very brave and compassionate you are!

How I agree with every ord you've written here.. even though a Brit and not fully aware of how things are in your country. For the main, the awfulness of child abuse, all abuse, broken lives, cruelty, indifference, greed, insanity etc., is pretty well the same here.

I truly believe in shouting out, not standing still, not sitting quietly. If we go into a cafe and get bad service, don't we say something, complain politely or for some, not so politely???! But, when it comes to internal or external politics, when it comes to society next door or across an ocean- we do sausage all, we sit back, complain within our four walls or in whispers then, sit back and accept things. And what happens, it gets worse by the week.

We've lost courage, we've become complacent . YESSSSS - do NOT hit snooze.

Good for you.

Posted 13 Years Ago

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you have reached the depths of compassion and understanding to give us a breath of fresh thought..we live individually unable to see that we are not separated at all but of a collective..collectively we have the choice to do the impossible but we live in our small minds thinking independently..think collective!

Posted 13 Years Ago

In a world populated by almost if not more than 7 billion lives a voice asks who cares about the pain they feel. In some of the situations you have written about here I have experienced some of them either directly or indirectly through others in this country we both love so dearly. The better part of my life I have tried to figure the homeless problem and welfare situation we have in this country as one example. It pulls me apart inside because I am now of two minds even on these issues that I was once so passionately one minded about. I see both sides of the argument in those cases which is new place for me to be in.

I think with our current president he entered office with the best of intentions and if he is re-elected he will exit that office about the same as any man before him. Even with the best of intentions and purist of heart we will find that in order to have change in this world we will have to sell our souls and the change we get will be temporary at best. Once I learned about the paradigm we have built between oil and our economy I understood why we are truly doomed to fail. We have come so far down this road that we can't reverse it, we can't change course, we can't do anything but try to slow it down. The one thing we could do is so ugly that not even our government would consider it. That is how locked and loaded we are to lose everything eventually.

I remember how upset I got at the bail outs, I even asked why didn't the government just pay off all the mortgages in the US that would have freed up so much money to be put back into our economy. I would have helped so many families. Why would a President like Obama who had the best of intentions for everyone decide to bail out big business over the American families, over children over you and me? The ultimate sad fact of it is that he had no choice, if we didn't bail out those banks and big businesses the repercussions would have been worst than the stock market crash of years ago. It would have been the beginning and end of a total collapse of economy which would have carried over to Europe and eventually every major country and people would have starved to death, millions if not billions of us. That is when I understood that it is too late to stand up and speak out. We have to act.

People need to do more than wake up, people need to protest, we need to make change and stop waiting on it. We can't fix it but we can surly slow it down at least so our children and grand children can have a chance to enjoy this technology before it all goes away and it is going away as soon as we use the last drop of oil. This is why Bush went to Iran, this is why we will go into Iraq one day. It is all about oil without we are doomed so as we consume it and we are past the half way point of the entire earth's supply of oil, it will get worse the wars will become bigger and sooner or later we will out right go into an oil country and take what we need.

This is why people don't care about people we are too busy consuming our oil to enjoy our technologies and comforts of the modern world.

I will say one positive thing about Bush and this is the only thing positive anyone will ever hear me say about him. Like most rich people when they do a good task like help a charity they often don't like for anyone to know, they feel it isn't about publicity they do it because they want to and that is their reward. Many people don't know this about Bush but during his administration he felt a need to do something about AIDS in 3rd word countries. They didn't have the resources or money for AIDS medicines that could extend life longer, they didn't have the money to educate people to wear protection. Bush established the first international AIDS fund that was used by countries like Africa to help them educate and fight aids. He put billions into this fund and it was enough to operate that foundation world wide for a few years. Not all evil doers are bad people they are just the people who have been chosen to do the dirt that has to be done Bush is one such person. Does this forgive him no, but it is something worth knowing about him, even bush has a heart. Obama will find out the same thing even if he hasn't he is puppet and he has no power he must obey or he won't get his crumbs he needs to be re-elected. It is that simple and that sad.

Posted 13 Years Ago

It boggles the mind to sit and think of the harsh realities of life , so much saddness in todays society, a grim picture of what mankind has wrought ~

great write....

Posted 13 Years Ago

always good to come back to words

Posted 13 Years Ago

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