Honey. Collab with DHARA-DITZY KAT.

Honey. Collab with DHARA-DITZY KAT.

A Poem by Paul Bell


Honey, what turns you on more? My angelic face or my hourglass figure.

Are you hitting on me, is this sex night.   

No, I just want to know how you would like me. 

Under general anesthetic would be nice, though I do love it when you dress up in overalls and service the car.

You just remember, I went under anesthetic for you, you and your Angelina Jolie.

Think you misread the message, babe, I said I liked the Jolie pout, but I actually liked it on Angelina.





Honey, what the hell are you staring at.

The neighbour’s new Mercedes, he’s been inside it all day.

 He’s a surgeon, is that blond bit in there too.

Yes, so is the granny, wonder what they’re doing.

He’s adjusting her G spot.  

I didn’t know Granny’s had G spots, is that even legal.

Granny’s there to make sure he doesn’t interfere with her.

Why is he waving up to us. 




Honey, remember when you said you would love a ride in a Mercedes.

Yeah, have you got me one.

Tell me when Granny and the Bimbo leave.

They’re leaving now.

Right, lets get down there, it’s my turn.

Have you gone mad, I’m not having some pervert surgeon adjusting your G thingmy, in fact I’m going down there to smash his face in.

You do that honey, and while you're down there, tell him you don’t like the Jolie pout he gave me.

© 2021 Paul Bell

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Once again, it must be said, you two are THE BEST collaborators at the cafe. Normally, collabs don't flip my switch all that much. But you two are so perfectly in tune with one another's sense of humor & off-the-charts sensibilities, your collabs truly catch fire. You leave the rest of us writers wishing we could think up so much "out there" rubbish that's actually funny & remotely possible! I hope you two will keep entertaining us with your dueling guns (((HUGS))) Fondly, Margie

Posted 12 Hours Ago

Paul Bell

12 Hours Ago

Have you had the hassle of comments disappearing and getting signed out.

11 Hours Ago

I have never had these issues, but I can see where a few of my friends have left longer comments, bu.. read more
Paul Bell

8 Hours Ago

Thought it was just me, but Jacob said its happened to him, bloody annoying.
This is hilarious. I love the the grandma thing with her G spot and the first part where you talk about your “ hourglass figure! The whole thing is clever .I love the dialogue too
You have a comedian’s clever imagination Paul!.

Posted 1 Month Ago

Paul Bell

4 Weeks Ago

This was Ditzy Kat's starter poem. I sort of filled in the blanks. It's like a new way of writing. D.. read more
Betty Hermelee

4 Weeks Ago

Great! I love your sense of humor!

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Added on March 2, 2021
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Paul Bell
Paul Bell

I like poetry and stories that tell me something. Sometimes the shortest poems hit the hardest. If I post something serious, don't worry, a funny poem will follow. Don't hesitate to tell me if my po.. more..

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