Lamentation for America

Lamentation for America

A Poem by Yesterday Today

Written in response to the 9-11 terrorist attack in 2001.


The United States of America grieves for its loss of innocence.

We have been molested by hatred, cowardice and jealousy

and made sick.


Some of us want to strike out as an angry mass.


We grieve for the loss of our loved ones and fellow citizens,

for the slaughter of our future social workers, teachers, and other professionals

--take your pick.


We are sad, numb and angry.  But all this shall pass ...


We are a strong people but not because of our nation's wealth or power

but for our ability to overcome tragedy.


Our embittered Nation shall emerge with a spirit

more determined than ever to spread throughout the world

our ideas of justice and equality.


Atrocities only serve to give us reason to stand taller

and hold our heads higher.


These thousands of deaths will not be in vain.

Their spirits beckon America to continue as a harbinger for change

and to transform this despicable injustice

--coaxing our future social Phoenixes to emerge

 from the ashes of the fires God uses to create them.


As a response to the September 11th molestation visited upon us,

we have revealed to the world the true American spirit:

Compassion and Togetherness

God Bless America for we are a proud people and proud of it.

Should we feel anything less?

© 2010 Yesterday Today

Author's Note

Yesterday Today
Interested in an overall feeling you get from reading the poem. Thank you for reviewing!

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Excellent words Coyote and Mr. Dickens. I thank you both for your service, and I am happy you are with us. 9-11 was quite the wake-up call. And we haven't learned a thing, and have wasted countless lives over a war that wasn't a war. Was the initial goal reached? Nope. The targets are still breathing. But watch out America! Home grown terrorists are on the rise.

Well, Coyote and Mr. Dickens...I'm glad both of you are here at the Writer's Cafe, alive and well!

Posted 12 Years Ago

I think our previous leadership failed us miserably in regards to the 9-11 attacks, but I want to stay away from politics. Being retired from the US Navy and a Vietnam vet, I know that it is not the place for those in uniform to question why, but to do their duty. I only hope that America will always be on the right side of history. Yes, may God bless us, but I'd like to add "May God help us."

Posted 12 Years Ago

Poem is well written. A lot of blood was spilled for us to be free. I'm a proud USA citizen who served 15years in the Army. Today Wars are fighting ghosts. Fighting ghosts don't take the blood of young Soldiers. Need train men who understand modern Warfare. Taking over small countries looking for a band of men is a waste of money and our men/woman. We need wisdom and common sense for the leaders in Federal and State government. I agree God bless America.

Posted 12 Years Ago

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Yesterday Today
Yesterday Today


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