"Dog Days"

"Dog Days"

A Poem by PoeT4994

Wrote this at random. The word of the day on Mirriem-Webster's dictionary online was "Dog Days"...so I used it.

Tell me if you remember them.
The “Dog Days”.
The good ‘ol days.
That summer with the girl that you will always love a little bit more than everyone else.
Do you remember that 4th of July.
The sky looked like God.
I just listened as our heads went “nod”.
We just agreed with the angels as they danced.
It was so easy to not care back then.
So damn easy.
Well, I’ll tell you what.
This is the day.
Go back, re-meet her for the first time again.
You know, Jennifer, Megan, Sarah, Stephanie, Jessica, Tatiana, Lala, you remember that girl you met.
Remember how her hair smelt like the forests.
And how here eyes looked like the trees in them.
Do you remember the “Dog Days”?
When the air seemed to be so light, and so clear that you could scream excitement in the air, put your ear to the ground, and listen as a kid on the other side of the world got woken up by the reverberation.
Don’t tell me you forgot, the first day you realized it was all going to end, it smacked a smile off of your face.
Made you cry for the first time in...ever.
I know I do.
Watching the trees wilt in her eyes, scraping against the surface, I’ve never seen so much pain in a blank stare.
Do you remember when she died her hair, the forests burned red, like flames, she still looked beautiful, but not the same as before.
Do you remember admiring the fireworks until you realized how depressing they really were when you figured out that a fire work exploding is like watching a burst of happiness...as it dies.
And the adventures you had with that one friend that you said something horrible to the day before he left.
Do you still think about the time in your life when everything was like a picture, it just stood still, and looked pretty.
And you didn’t care about how big the world was, you were perfectly fine with being confined to an 8 x 10 antique frame.
Do you remember the day the picture fell crooked against the wall when someone hit it with a ball, and you finally figured out why mom said no playing soccer in the house.
Do you remember when your grandmother died.
Ever since then, your heart beat has been slowly flat lining.
I know, I was there too.
Do you remember those feelings you get every once in a while when you reminisce, the feelings that felt exactly how they did in that exact moment, for only a split second, and then you miss it like your last breath?
The feeling of literal nirvana.
Pure peace and content.
Tell me, do you remember the “Dog Days”?
I know I do, sometimes, every few years, when that song comes on, and for some reason, you can smell her halo again, and you hear the bottle rockets screaming as they burst against the most beautiful sky you’ve ever slept under.
The stars were so bright back then, so loud, so...much like her eyes lit up by the really ridiculously big firework that your family bought, the one you were proud of, cuz, finally, the neighbors didn’t have a better banger than you.
You remember it, it was called something like “The Screaming Banshee” or something cheesy like that.
And made the baby cry.
Like you did, the day you found out that “Dog Days” eventually have to be put down.

© 2010 PoeT4994

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Added on August 3, 2010
Last Updated on August 3, 2010