The Ghosts In Ya Bones(wordplay compilation)

The Ghosts In Ya Bones(wordplay compilation)

A Poem by PoeT4994


Tonight I’m gonna scare the ghosts outa ya bones people.

Imagine your arms are doors with rusty hinges that never quite open all the way to let people in.

Now imagine you peak through the key hole and you see me and my mistress breakin’ to the heart ache ‘n’ beat.

And I’ll say…

 When bones break to the beat I pick up piece steadily,

making sure not to miss the small bits,

makin’ sure I don’t miss the friction frightened in the corner at the way we danced deadly to the coroner.

Horror flicks flicked flight in the light of my eye,

oh my I say I fell too hard when the ticker tape smelt like God,

it was obscene,

 I should’ve known I was punch drunk when I saw the phosphenes…

I swear they lost me…

But I tell you…

I’ll never let another person beat love poems out of these love bones.

And neither should you.

I can tell by the bruises on your neck hard love is too hard to love and the clocks started to stop in your heart so you had to stop and forgive the start of your stopping heart being stopped and rocked.

Stop and rock…

Forget everything.

As if everything is nothing.

Everything IS nothing.

On this carnival ride called life.

Don’t sweat it when the coasters blow closer, remember, it’s all just a movie screen, I assure you your drinks are still in the coasters.

Don’t worry about the beasts wearin’ two ton tunics tonight or the tongue ties for poets who tie tongues like mouths were shops shop owners who run quick stop poetry spots.

Everything is easy from this point forward…

Know that there is nowhere to be when we head to beware.

You don’t have to be anywhere you don’t want to…

All I’m askin’ is you want to be everywhere.

The dark is hard and yes the dogs will bark but it will not be a trees skin brittle and thin ready to bring the tree tops to rot on top of you like ceilings…

And don’t burn up your nerve endings trying to stop your skin from running away from your feelings…


They’ll be invitations that look like flash lights right and ready to give flight so steady and heavy wings may seem at first…

Don’t hold yourself to the earth.

Don’t be scared for your crutch clutch to fall away because you don’t need a crutch to keep your water cup from tipping today.

Hold it all on your own…

And let your eyes be half full with the way we are oceans.

Drift into the space…

Called freedom…

the zero space black holes will make us spin cyclical till we collide with our missing ghosts something psychical and trust me…

You won’t miss ‘em.

 Third eye blind,melancholy breakdown,

come on,

 run as fast as you can with that benign mind till you break sound.

Now listen to your steady heart beats and you can call ‘em harpies…

But I say they are just as they should be.

Breathe light now…

But don’t let the twin towers in your lungs sway though…

Because I’m not askin’ for you to break the highway out of your halo…

Just grab the dead skin from this, and rip a hallelujah from my lips.

I promise I’ll tell you how we die if you show me how to kiss…

But not like this…

Not until I scare the ghosts out of ya bones first.

© 2011 PoeT4994

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Nice poem! I liked it!

Posted 12 Years Ago

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1 Review
Added on August 21, 2011
Last Updated on September 28, 2011