Stolen by the Blade

Stolen by the Blade

A Poem by Tori Jones

The dripping of blood stolen by the blade
Tears streaming down her cheeks and rolling off her face
Flesh splitting open with just one slice
"Next time," she cries, "next time will be the last time."
But the truth is she doesn't really want to die
She just can't stand to live with the pain that she's in
The pain, the torture that only she can end
The next time she presses down even harder, heart beating fast
She counts down from ten and pulls the blade across her skin
The world around her growing dim
If only they would've cared
If only someone had been there
The reality of it all is sad to say the least
But the girl left there to bleed would surely disagree
She got exactly what she wanted - the end to her constant grief
Darkness destroyed by darkness, a soul at last put to peace...

© 2018 Tori Jones

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Added on December 28, 2018
Last Updated on December 28, 2018


Tori Jones
Tori Jones

Mansfield, OH

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