When Jesus speaks through me

When Jesus speaks through me

A Poem by Praiser

.How many of our choices are, brainwashed, where ​our own understandings is so selfish to start a gang war. Man has been untrusted since the beginning, where time then is still paying off its debt to the future for now. Look how long we have been fools, for Satan, where time is showing each generation, that death never had Alzheimer's. The Government is repeating Sodom and Gomorrah, Just look at the flag, it's the tombstone for the United States. Since Everything now, is to keep you distracted from God. How many demonic laws are the heart of pharaoh. God don't have to say to let my people go now. He saying repent and turn from your wicked ways, but the Government is getting more demonic. Where money has them bending over better than A skin flick, they rather forced a vaccine, then take the guns off the street. Why everything is a disease when really it's a spirit, lest ask the LGBT. Who told you were, because coming out the closet doesn't recognize you was born from one. How many people are claiming they were born like that, show me a f****t baby, but he still got choice, Just ask Satan when one choice can make you an enemy of God. When life s rejecting people, then living for Jesus is uncomfortable for struggling. Since sin has become an excuse for men to believe that stealing is not A theft. Now you see why black on black crime doesn't matter but the System on the Government, their crime will be cremated on Judgement Day.

By Fredrick Pennix Aka Praiser The Poet The Show:Off Worshiper

© 2021 Praiser

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Added on October 10, 2021
Last Updated on October 10, 2021



Lynchburge, VA

I write for God an I dance for him My group mime is call prodigious My hip hop Gospel group is movers and shakers , my Minstery name is Praiser the Show-off Worshiper more..