Wolves in sheep clothing

Wolves in sheep clothing

A Poem by Praiser

When lies become laws, for feeling, like the LGBT

death think he is more a worrier than victory, why.

Has sin color this world so much that the crayons in the Box is racial to these evil people.

Let me speak,

for the disrespect against God,

the system has broken more scripture,

then turning away can do the moonwalk for repentance, can get Amen.

Entertainment has the media so demonic that

black magic is giving out application for Satan.

What is the most thing God hates.

Haughty eyes, a lying tongue,

hands that shed innocent blood,

A heart that devises wicked schemes, feet that are quick to rush into evil,

A false witness who pours out lies,

and a person who stirs up conflict,

in the community.

If this not The Government, why is their Accessory for the vaccine, control death lies.

Violating our freedom of speech, the flag was a prisoner before not kneeling to the anthem was a falling star.

Jesus was never a cowboy, God never lead the wise man to Dallas,

Jesus was born in Bethlehem.

Every day you wake up is a new discovery to life, which blessing is unrecognized the most one is, when your eyes are open to God, to say

thank you.

What did Jesus learn from us that we haven't learned from him, Death and life?

Wolves in sheep clothing, anything against the word of God is religious.

By Fredrick Pennix Aka Praiser The Poet The Show:Off Worshiper

© 2021 Praiser

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Added on October 21, 2021
Last Updated on October 21, 2021



Lynchburge, VA

I write for God an I dance for him My group mime is call prodigious My hip hop Gospel group is movers and shakers , my Minstery name is Praiser the Show-off Worshiper more..