Love Connection

Love Connection

A Story by Robert J Poe

The Plot Remains a Mystery

~Boston, Massachusetts- 2653~
Two friends talk with each other as they walk to their 10th period English Class. Today is special because it is the day of the time trip. The whole class had been studying for months about their favorite deceased author, so they can go back and spend a week with them. Their goal is to study the author’s daily life, asking what inspires them, what they do when they get inspired, and what type of writing method they used back then in comparison to today. Everyone in the class seemed happy with their choices, though some were disappointed only one author could be chosen at a time. Sam Yacter and Jake Palmer decided to be partners in the assignment and study the lifestyles of the mysterious Edger Allen Poe. However he was taken by another group, so they chose the shy Emily Dickinson. Half way into their research the two friends decided to make an assignment of their own; one that will change history.
“I still don’t see why we couldn’t study Jesus” Jake says as he holds onto the hover-tray that carries his supplies.
“Will you EVER shut up about that?” Sam asks sighing “For the last time, we can’t study him because one: he didn’t write a book and two: he doesn’t exist. He is a character in a religion book.” Sam is an atheist and isn’t afraid to admit it, especially in this age, where atheism has grown dramatically.
Jake sighs sadly “I feel sorry for you” he says putting his hand on Sam’s shoulder “because you are going to spend eternity in the Lake of Fire.” Jake was one of the few remaining Catholics in the world. With new technology making things easier people have been lazier and greedier. Because the Catholic religion requires you to give worldly possessions up, a switch slowly moved from Catholics to Protestants; and like a domino effect, the first fall lead to others. Even with less strict religions, people just didn’t want to give up time in their busy schedules to participate in religious ceremonies, so a switch to atheism was made. Now 1/3 of the world’s population consider themselves atheists. The U.S government became infected and removed the swearing on a bible to the constitution for new presidents. The words “Under God” were removed from the pledge and big religious holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter turned strictly business. Organized religions were still allowed in America, but it was given poor attention, so the churches and religious temples started to decay and appear neglected. Less than 10,000 Catholics remained in the world.
“Whatever” Sam says rolling his eyes. “I’m not going to get in a religious war with you. So are we ready for today?”
“Yup, got it right here” Jake says tugging on the backpack hanging on the hover-tray. “Do you still think we can do it?”
“Of course” Sam replies with confidence “We just go through like it is a normal assignment, and when we are free, we get to work.”
“You always seem to have the answer” Jake says chuckling. The two friends walk to a big glass door, slide their school IDs in the slot and go through the examination process before the door opens. Three other students join them inside the big circle on the ground and in a few seconds they vanish in a blue haze. They reappear on a platform outside, 1,000 feet in the air. The Hover cars buzz and hum around them as they walk the bridge into a large, trapezoid-shaped steel building at the top of a tall tower. The English class is a big room shaped like a bowl. The desk and chairs are along the walls and the flat center is where the teacher conducts class. The teacher waits in the center of the room as the students slowly arrive and take their seats. Jake and Sam sit next to each other and plan quietly while waiting for the daily bell. A loud, ear-bursting siren silenced the room.
“Well it looks like everyone is here and ready to go today” The teacher says as he scans the room. “Does everyone have their information and plans ready?” The class responds with a mix of ‘yes,’ ‘yeah,’ and ‘yup.’ Jake and Sam just shake their head 'yes' with mischievous smiles on their face.
“Ok then” the teacher says “I just need to go over the safety and procedure rules again.” The class let out a groan as the teacher pulls out a long list. “Hey, I don't like reading this ten times more than you don't like listening to it. However I get paid to to do this, so I will go nice and slow. Consider it torture for all of you who didn't study for your last test. I know who you are.” The class let out a burst of laughter. Mr. Mantock always had a good sense of humor and would make the class howl with laughter if the saw people falling asleep or not paying attention. One time the laughter was so loud it reached the floor below the class and the principal was called. When the principal, Mrs. Janers, arrived in the class, the classroom was silent and Mr. Mantock was reading a book to the class while wearing a paper, glittered halo.
The principal laughed and asked “What's going on there? I received some complaints of loud noises coming from here.”
Mr. Mantock responded in an  innocent voice “Why, loud noises? I would never allow such a thing. I am just reading to my dear class like the good teacher I am.” The class couldn't hold back the laughter any longer, and Mrs. Janers joined in.
“Don't get too full of yourself Mantock” she chuckled as she walked out. Any other teacher would have been fired, but Mr. Mantock was one of the best teachers in the state. His methods of keeping the students interested and aware made the English test scores one of the highest in the country. He was awarded a plaque by the governor naming him one of the 'Top 10 most Influential People in the State', which he proudly displays on the wall.
“And the most important thing of all is to not do anything to disrupt the flow of history.” Mr. Mantock finished in a slow, boring, emotionless tone. “So good luck to you Mr. Palmer and Mr. Yactor.” He points to Sam and Jake.
Sam stands and shouts “We better get extra credit for this!”
“Tell you what” Mr. Mantock says “Bring me back the Holy Grail and you get an A for the year!” Mr. Mantock is a protestant, and likes to sometimes joke about Sam's Atheism, especially since Sam challenges Mr. Mantock's beliefs.
Jake shoots to his feet “So we CAN study Jesus?!” he shouts gleefully. The class laughs.
“Just sit down your idiot” Sam orders cogently. Jake's cheeks grow pink and he slowly returns to his seat.
“Alright, it is time to get to the time chamber. Everyone come.” Mr. Mantock walks to the door on the south end of the classroom and the rest of the students follow. The sliding glass door open in a hiss of wind and a deep, loud, monotone hum fills the air. “The time chamber generators are loud so you will need protection!” Mr. Mantock shouts over the increasing annoyance of the ear-pulsing hum. He gives each classmate two small earplugs shaped in the form of an ear and looks as if they are filled with clear jell. Jake places the plug gently on his war and a quick suction noise wraps the plug perfectly around the ear. The deep hum vanishes. All sounds vanishes. Jake chooses to test out the ear plugs and screams at the top of his lungs. No one jumps or even looks startled. The ear plugs are completely sound proof. Mr. Mantock holds up a hand held screen that has a wire coming out the bottom with a face mask at the end of it, much like an oxygen mask, which he speaks into. His words appear on the screen “The time chamber can only hold two at a time and must take ten minutes to power back up, when you are finished with your project, use the reversal button on the time gun each of you should have to return to this time. Make sure you have the date AND time right. Set your time for the exact minute you left. DO NOT set it for any time before or after or you will not return to the same time stream. Nod if you understand.” The classmates nodded. “Good” appeared on the screen. “Now who would like to go first?” Jake looked over at Sam, but Sam shook his head no. The group studying William Shakespeare rose their hands. “Thank you for volunteering Sara and Christopher, if you will follow me, I will set you up.” Sara and Christopher nudged through the group and followed Mr. Mantock to the large, circular pad in the dark room. Mr. Mantock directs them to get on the pad and walks to a computer screen attached to it. The couple climb the small stairs and stand in the center of the pulsing, glowing square with a lot of fancy lines and shapes around it. Mr. Mantock touches the screen a few times and the pad vibrates violently. The students however stay stiff and then vanish inside a quick, blinding light. A second later they return in very old, English style clothing with a small hand held computer. Mr. Mantock takes the computer and installs it into the computer. Ten minutes pass as Mr. Mantock grades the assignment. He gives the group their grade (an 85% or a C+ in the alphabet system, which was changed to keep up with the world) and asks for another group. Sam quickly raises his hand and they are summoned to the pad. They walk the stairs and Jake observes the room on top of the ten foot tall pad but the only thing to see is the glowing buttons of the generators, the light of the screen, and the bright pad floor. The pad floor shakes him violently for a second until he is paralyzed by an unknown force, no limb could be moved at all, and a sharp tingle races through his body. The tingle turns painful until almost unbearable, then the room vanishes in a flash as the two plotting friends vanish in a soft, blue light.

© 2013 Robert J Poe

Author's Note

Robert J Poe
I honestly don't know how this story is going to play out, but I will try to finish the story up soon....Just need the motivation. Tell me if it is worth continuing

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