Never Been Sicker

Never Been Sicker

A Poem by Kristen

Your grip on me seems everlasting,

I’m not sure I will survive.

The poems from years ago were filled with pain,

But this is something I couldn’t contrive. 

Years ago liquor hardly pierced my skin,

And I knew I was in control.

But two years later, plus some change,

And I know I’ve lost my soul.

© 2018 Kristen

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Your soul is never lost - just gets misplaced once in awhile - your poetic plea does not fall on deaf ears - we (WC members) all support and pray for you! Bless you …:-)

Posted 3 Years Ago

i guess a lot of people has this disease,,sad,great write

Posted 3 Years Ago

There is a lost within the sadness to see and it rages within ones soul the memories the reflects of life and maybe even some times we wish we said the last word. But we have to find a healing some how some where in this crazy place called life.

Posted 3 Years Ago

This piece really hit home for me simply because my birth mother was an alcoholic. Luckily awhile after I was born, I was placed in an orphanage due to the fact that my birth mother literally stopped taking care of me. The government had to come remove me from her home. Despite all that tragedy, I was able to be adopted by a wonderful & caring family and I've been able to live a pretty healthy life. I always wonder about my birth mother from time to time though, wondering if she really didn't want me or if she would ever want to see me or get to know me. I really know nothing about my birth parents, but perhaps one day, I can find them...anyway, I also know many people who struggle with alcohol & ive seen how easily it can take over people's lives & ruin it all. Sure, drinking enough will make you forget all your problems, but it doesn't change anything. Once you're back to being sober, none of your problems have gone away. They're still lingering, waiting to strike when you're most vulnerable. There's times where I've personally felt like an alcoholic, but I am teaching myself that if it continues as I grow up, I will eventually lose everything I've worked hard for this past year. I've heard of many getting 'alcohol poisoning' from drinking too much & ending up in the hospital having to get their stomachs pumped. If drinking becomes bad enough of a habit, it can easily lead one to the action of suicide, which I feel no family should have to experience.

Posted 4 Years Ago

Such an incredibly honest and emotional poem, filled with the pain and heartbreak that some have to endure during life. Although small it is jam packed, and tells a touching story. It has a lovely flow also. Incredibly well written.

Posted 5 Years Ago

I can feel the sadness and despair behind this piece. It's brutally honest and open, and filled with so much sorrow. I'd like to think of it as a dark page in a dark chapter in a long book that has yet to be written. This was very painful to read, the last four lines in particular. You depicted so well what many of us experienced and/or know people close to us whom have experienced what this piece cries out. I am not sure I can call it beautiful because just how deep and intense is truly is, but I think it's wonderfully written that leaves the reader wanting more and hoping for a turning point or twist where something wonderful happens and takes away most of the darkness from light being shone. While I cannot personally relate to alcohol in particular, I can personally relate to those close whom have lost their soul down some dark paths due to alcohol. But let's be honest, alcohol is merely one of many dark crutches we tend to grab on to. I can relate and feel the pain nonetheless, as there's many things I can substitute for alcohol, and it all still rings true. Powerful piece. And I won't use the "TY expression, but I am appreciative of you writing and sharing this for others to see. It's quite heart-rending and relatable, and art perhaps in its rawest form.

Posted 5 Years Ago

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