A Poem by AG

my take on the essence of the mind and the sinuosity of knowledge.


Strum me, vagrant fingers of the world

So tender that I may forget myself in the ordeal.

Rip this insignia of quiescence off the fabric of my chest.

Convey your hocus-pocus so I may find solace.


The abhorrence for banality still resides within

Akin to a neurotic fly on your spoiled chowder

Fluttering malignantly all over my personal Zion.

Desperate for fulfillment, grown weary of symbolism.


A tear for every attempt, a river per failure

Trickling down between my lucubrating cheeks

And this empty wall I lean my head on.

A coincidental chasm that serves its purpose well.


I do not seek for a liberating twilight

Only to breach then rebuild for the rest of this un-life.

Freedom is not the 10 A.M. train to somewhere

Which my veins have to anticipate everyday.


My sorrow, my lust - the bane of a million colors

Provides contortion to make this all more tempting.

A dish no tongue but mine deserves to sodomize

As my psyche traverses taboo paths of the senses.


Thrust this rusty bodkin deep through my heart

Play with my spine, extract my eyes from their sockets,

Spill my blood on the soil and prove their existence!

So I may end this rant and choke on my silence.

© 2011 AG

Author's Note

i've already fixed the typo,"netween".

actually, "lubrucating" is indeed a typo but not for the word "lubricating", i meant the word "lucubrating".

thanks for the reviews! i appreciate it!

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indeed, one of your deepest yet.

Posted 10 Years Ago

Another well written poem, one that flows well. The only flaw I could really find in this poem is that there are two typos in this line: "Trickling down netween my lubrucating cheeks". "netween" should be "between", and "lubrucating" should be "lubricating". Figured I might as well post them. Does the title of this poem come from the German word "Verstand"? That's probably the main reason I chose to read this poem. The title is unique, and when I opened it I was half-expecting it be in German, hah.

Posted 10 Years Ago

Wonderful, sort of ever-present and timeless, deep and flawless. Blends the past and the future, almost. The symbolism is sublime. You really are a talented writer!
But I hope you don't mind me saying... but it seems very easy for you. I think you need a challenge? Just a thought.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Added on December 19, 2008
Last Updated on June 17, 2011



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A Poem by AG

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A Poem by AG

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