to my best friend.

to my best friend.

A Poem by QC

use me as a doormat; 
walk all over me. 
break my cowardly back
like you always do.

use this body
beneath your formative feet
as a platform,
as a ladder. 

climb as high as you can
and when you have reached as
far as your body will take you,
climb higher.

dig those beautiful feet
into my spine,
use your tippy-toes. 

i want them to break me
because then, at least, 
it will still feel as though
you are actually there. 

the pain will remind me that you
at one point
actually needed me. 

i will give you every ounce of 
e v e r y t h i n g
inside of this useless body, 
but don't feel bad. 

i give these things free of charge. 

let me be the back that makes you
instead of fall; 
at least then i will have a purpose. 

because what good are all these things
i can do
if i let them go to waste?

take the hours from my days, 
spend them as you wish. 

i am not as adventurous
as you are. 

for me, those hours come from deadlines
worries about the future
worries about you and me and the life i'm not living the hours/minutes/days i'm not using

so just take them
a l l o f t h e m
all of me
and do with them whatever you want.

it does not matter one way
or another.

© 2014 QC

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Added on January 12, 2014
Last Updated on January 13, 2014




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