Imperfect Human: Chapter One

Imperfect Human: Chapter One

A Chapter by .quan.011.

Paige Lake is normal who find the town's biggest secret!



            It was a warm summer evening, a perfect time to do some reading. A young Paige jumped into her comfortable window seat. She leaned back against the wall. Then Paige cracked open her book, Love Loss. Her eyes hungrily stared at the page eating up the words.

            “Love is a puzzle,” Doctor Owen explained to his colleague staring out at the grey sky, “but one worth solving even if it kills you. Would you say, Ms. Thomas?”

            Often times Paige wished her life was like these romantic novels. Finding love seems so much easier in these books than there in real life. She continued reading the conversation between the two characters, when there was a knock on her bedroom door.

            “Come on in,” she called out not taking her eyes off the page. Instead of hearing the door opened, there was a couple of more knocks. “I said come in.”

            Again there was a knock on the door. Paige grunted. She grudgingly placed her book down, then got out of her seat, and walked across the room to the door. She wondered who could possibly be on the other side of the door. Her first thought was her mother coming to check up on her. Paige opened the door, and two figures jumped out of the darkness.

            They shouted. “Boo!”

            Paige just stood there neither frightened nor surprised. Instead she looked at two people like there was a bunch of idiots. “Rachel! Cassidy! What the hell are you doing?”

            Rachel shook her head. “We were trying to scare the s**t out of you.” Then she walked into the room and took seat on Paige’s purple sheeted bed.

            Cassidy entered the room and went straight for the chair at Paige’s desk. “You guys should keep it down. You know your dad hates when you swear.”

            “It’s not like I am not happy to see the both of you,” Paige said closing the door behind her, “but seriously what are you guys doing here?”

            Rachel explained happily. “Good question, it is Friday night and there is a party.”

            Well that explains the outfits, Paige thought examining her two friends. Rachel was a tall girl with beautiful mocha skin, short black hair with a single strain of red streak that went down her cheek. She had big chocolate brown eyes stared back with spark of excitement. She wore grey sweater over white blouse, black skirt with black stocking, and some black motorcycle boots.

            Cassidy on the other hand, had soft pale silk skin with rosy cheeks. Her brown hair was long and wavy, and her eyes were blue like the calm ocean. She was wearing simple yet comfortable clothes that fit her light hourglass figure. It was simple short navy blue blazer, black blouse, jeans, and sneakers.

            Cassidy added. “And we thought you might like to come with us.”

            Paige thought for a second and shook her head. “Nah I am good.” Then she walked back into her comfortable seat. Her two friends looked at each with disbelief. Paige was about opened her book again.

            Cassidy argued. “Are you sure? You haven’t been out since that unfortunately event happened.”

            The room quickly became awfully quiet. Paige glared at Cassidy while biting her lower lip. Cassidy nervously grinned like she was waiting to see if she was going to get her head chopped off. Everyone in the room knew why. The unfortunate even was that called Paige’s recent and first break up. Since it had happened, those close to her have been walking on egg shells. Paige knew she had been a bit tense and on edge. Even right now it took some self control on kick her two best friends out. She couldn’t be mad at them since they were only trying to help. They were failing, but at least they were trying. Paige swallowed her anger and buried deep inside.

            “I am fine,” Paige said calmly holding up her book, “I just want to sit here and read my book.”

            Rachel walked over. “And how many times have you read that book?”

            “A few times,” she answered. About fifty, “What’s your point?”

            Rachel argued. “My point is that you already know how the story ends.”

            Paige and Cassidy both said. “It’s not about the ending. It’s about the journey.”

            Rachel turned to Cassidy. “Cass, you are supposed to be on my side.”

            “Oh sorry,” Cassidy said shrugging.

            Rachel shook her head. “Come on Paige, it will be really fun to have the three amigos back together.”

            Paige sighed. There was no way they were going to drop this. Who knows they might be right. It could be fun. Paige silently admitted that she could use a little fun.  She shut her book. “Fine, I’ll go.”

            Rachel and Cassidy silently cheered victoriously.

            Paige added. “But you guys have to help me find something to wear.”

            They both said happily. “Okay!”

            Maybe I should rethink this, Paige thought getting a little creep out by her friends’ little mischievous grins.


            The moment Paige stepped out of her house. She felt the sudden fall breeze brushing up against her bare skin. It signaled that summer was coming to end and fall was starting. It also told she shouldn’t be wearing this freaking short dress. Paige thought, why oh why did I let them talk me into wearing a dress? It wasn’t a bad dress. It was a simple white dress with fancy beading on the chest area. It was simple, but Paige still found it uncomfortable. She put on her light brown jean jacket and walked off the porch. At least she didn’t let Cassidy or Rachel talk her into wear heels. That was where Paige drew the line there. Instead she wore simple tan brown riding boots.

            She moved strains of her honey brown hair out of her face as she walked toward the car. Cassidy and Rachel were already in Cassidy’s white 2016 sedan. She opened the door and took seat behind Cassidy.

            “You look so cute! I am so happy I got that dress for you.” Rachel said as Paige closed the door.

            Paige retorted. “I think you have created a monster.”

            “Yeah, but a very beautiful monster,” Rachel said grinning from ear to ear, “Plus I didn’t have to do much. You should thank mother nature for giving you your beauty.”

            Paige simply rolled her eyes. She never considered herself beautiful. Paige was simply Paige.

            Rachel continued. “Now I promise we are going have so much fun that you are going to forget all your worries.” She tapped Paige’s knee, “Just don’t be a party popper.”

            Paige nodded with a smirk. She still doubted that Rachel could keep her promise, but she didn’t want to be downer. So she would try for everyone including herself. The girls pulled out of the driveway and went down the dark neighborhood. They headed down Lakehill Town Center.

            Lakehill was a town in middle of good Canada surrounded hills, forests, and near Lake Redd. Paige and Cassidy have lived in this town all of their life. The same could be said for most of people living in Lakehill. Ninety-five percent of town population had deep roots embedded into the town’s past. The other five percent made up of people like Rachel who freshly moved here.

            Paige didn’t mind living in this small town. Yeah, it had most clichés that every small town she had ever in a book. It was quiet, peaceful, and hardly anything truly exciting ever happened. To Paige this was home. She wanted to travel. Hell Paige wanted to do a lot of things. She took comfort that her family and town will always be here. Paige snickered at the thought. She read some characters who wanted to leave their small town life. I really got to stop compare my life to novels Paige thought staring outside window at the glowing street lights of the main street.

            Main Street was where all the businesses were located; restaurants, markets, and even other product stores. Everything a person needed could be found there including gossip. If it was one thing Paige didn’t like about this town, it was necessary needed to spread gossip around like a disease. Gossip was blood of this town. It flowed through every inch of the town. Paige hated gossip especially when it was about her.

            Cassidy said. “So are you going to ask us where we are going?”

            “Nah, I think I will sit back and enjoy the ride.” Paige said already knowing the answer.

            “Come on, throw me a bone.”

            Paige grinned. “We are going to Sarah Jane’s house.”

            “How did you know?”

            Rachel added, “Because every party worth going to is always thrown by Sarah Jane. Her house is perfect place for parties and she really like to throw them.”

            The girls silently agreed as they drove to the outskirt of town. Sarah Jane’s house was located outside of town away from noisy neighborhoods. That meant the teenagers had the area all to themselves. When the girls arrived at the Jameson’s front gate, they were surprised to find the area around the house had turned into a parking lot. The cars perfectly lined up like official parking lot seen in stadiums or concerts. The girls drove around looking for a parking space. It looked they were all taken.

            “Ugh come on,” Rachel said as time ticked away, “I knew we should have come early.”

            Cassidy said. “Is there always this many people?”

            “Nah I think there a lot more people came this time.” Paige said looking at cars. “We will be lucky if the police don’t show up to shut the party down.”

            “Don’t jinx it.”

            Cassidy said. “I know a parking space we can use.” She drove out of the parking lot and went back to the road. She drove off the road and parked right beside a huge tree. “See everything is fine.”

            The girls got out off car and walked back to the parking lot. The closer got to the house, the louder the music became. They walked in silence with excitement growing with each step. At least that how Paige and Rachel felt, Cassidy on other hand looked very worry.

            Paige turned to her friend and noticed her worry face. “What’s wrong, Cass?”

            “You think she will remember me?” She asked .

            They gave Cassidy a weird confusing look. They tried to figure out what she was talking about.

            “You guys remember what happened at Rachel’s twelfth birthday party.”

             Paige thought back to the party. She remembered it was a bowling party and she had a lot of fun. Then it all came back to her. “Oh, I remembered now. You got sick and threw up on Sarah Jane after eating too much.”

            Rachel laughed. “Oh yeah, after that we called her vomit head. She hated that nickname.”

            “Yeah it was fun and game for you guys, but she made my middle school life a living hell. I wasn’t invited to a party since.”

            Rachel said. “I am pretty sure she had forgotten all about it. She hasn’t made your high school life a living hell. Even if she starts something, we got your back.”

            I thought I was the one who need support here, Paige though. She nodded grinning. Paige followed her friends through the parking lot up to the front gate. When they reached the gate, they found a young skinny boy leaning up against clement wall waiting for them. He wore black shirt with strange logo, jeans, and some low flat sneakers. He turned to the girls and smiled. Rachel smiled and ran to him. She ran into his arms and they shared a kiss. Cassidy and Paige just stood there and watched.

            Cassidy said. “I hate it when they do that.”

            Paige nodded. “Want to leave them here and go inside?”

            “Yeah, let’s do that.”

            They walked by the two lovebirds leaving to their little make out session.

            Paige said. “Bye Rachel! Bye Chris! See you guys inside.”

            Paige walked thought the gate. The music was blasting and the front yard was filled with people. Some were dancing around the water fountain. Others were drinking and talking to each other. Paige walked by them, and head for the front door. The house was actually a two story mansion with brick walls, a lot of windows, and pointy roofs. They walked through the wooden doubled doors entered the party. The interior of the mansion was huge, loud, and filled with even more people. To her right was living room which had became a small club. The entertainment room was located to the left. It were people were playing video and talking to each other. Paige sniffed air. She caught a whiff something delicious and her stomach roared.

            Paige said. “So what you do want to do first?”

            “Food!” Cassidy replied.

            Paige smiled, “And that why we are best friends, we are on the same wavelength.”

             They zigzag through the crowd following their nose to the kitchen. The kitchen was just like the other rooms in the house; big and fancy looking. All of the food was placed on the island counter in the middle of the room. Paige looked at some of the food in their trays. There some food that she had recognized like; pizza, burgers, and hot dogs. There were other foods that Paige had never seen before. She walked past the thing that looked a squid sandwich. Instead Paige went straight for the pizza.

            As Paige was putting a couple of slices in her plate, she noticed the queen bee herself.. Sarah Jane Jameson had entered the room with her two friends beside her. Sarah Jane was beautiful. There was no one doubting that with voluptuous blonde hair, model thin figure, and flawless light skin with sparkling blue eyes. She was in top form tonight wearing gorgeous white dress that show off her curves and pumps.  Sarah Jane smiled and laughed as she walked around talking to people. When she noticed Paige, she walked straight over to her.

            Oh s**t, Paige thought watching the Legion of Doom walked over. Paige put on a grin and said. “Hello Sarah Jane, nice party.”

            “Aw thank you,” Sarah Jane said with a fake plastic smile, “I love your dress, but I can’t say the same about your choice in friends. I guess it what happened when you are knocked off the social ladder. Now you only have her to content with.” She looked over at Cassidy who was a little too shock for words.

            “Well that’s difference between you and me, Sarah Jane. I don’t need a lot of friends. I have two great ones,” Paige said looking at the two girls. “Can you say the same?  Oh you forgot my other friend Rachel. You know the girl that’s dating your brother.”

            She shook her head. “I don’t know what he sees in her. She is such a grubby little thing.”

            “Funny. I say the exact same thing whenever I find out someone is dating you.” Paige said with a playful smirk.

            The two girls glared at each other. Their tempers were flaring up like two tiny stars. They were just waiting for the other to make a move.

            Cassidy immediately jumped between the two girls. “Let’s calm down before you two rip each other part.” Then she grabbed Paige’s wrist and pulled her away from Sarah Jane and her little witches. “What was that all about?”

            Paige answered. “I don’t like when people make fun of my friends. You know that.”

            “Yeah, but you shouldn’t waste your time on her. She is just a vomit head!”

            The girls burst out laughing unaware that Sarah Jane heard ever word. They walked into the living room. It was dark lit room with fancy laser lights everywhere and nearly everyone was out on the dance floor. Paige stood there watching as she ate her slices of pizza. The music was loud, pulsing, and demand her to move. She couldn’t wait to finish her pizza and get out on the dance floor. Paige loved dancing.  She moved her body side to side following the flow. Paige took another bite of her pizza, when she noticed a familiar face emerging from the crowd.

            The boy named was Nathan Beck. Nathan was taller than Paige, well-built, and had short blonde hair and blue eyes. He flashed Paige his movie star smile. Paige couldn’t help, but smile back at him. Nate just had that affected on her. Paige didn’t even know why. Her cheeks started getting pink.

            “Hello Paige, you look amazing.” Nate Beck said looking at her.

            Okay, maybe this dress is so bad after all. Paige thought. “You don’t look bad yourself.

            “You want to dance?”

            Paige turned to Cassidy who smiled and took Paige’s plate. Then she said. “Go!”

            Nate extended his hand, Paige took it, and together they went out on the dance floor. Once they found an empty spot on the dance floor. They started dancing. The floor was crowd with so many people that they had to dance close. Paige didn’t mind. She just let her mind go and danced. Nate didn’t mind it either as he moved along with her. Their bodies were touching as they moved to beat. They danced for awhile until the song stopped. Another song was about to come on. Paige turned around to check up on Cassidy. Cassidy appeared to be having her own fun talking to people. It was good to see her having fun.  It put a smile on her face to see it.

            Then Paige looked at for Rachel and Chris when her eyes caught the sight of someone else. Someone really didn’t want to see right now. All of fun was suddenly sucked out of the room. Her eyes were fixed on this person. She knew this person very well, because she had dated him until they broke up two weeks ago. It was her ex boyfriend Danny Barton. Danny was tall, gorgeous, and had short dark brown hair and brown eyes. He was one of the hottest boys in the school. He stood there talking to Sarah Jane in his nice letterman jacket. Sarah Jane turned directly at Paige and smiled. Paige had a bad feeling about this. Then all of sudden a girl ran up to Danny and they shared a kiss. Paige practically dropped. She couldn’t believe her eyes as she stared at the girl. She knew the girl. She had known her all of her life. The girl was her cousin.

            Paige swiftly turned back to Nate who appeared to be oblivious to whole thing. “I need break right and go get an umm drink. I’ll be right back.”

            Nate nodded understanding. Paige walked away heading straight for the kitchen. She tried to completely avoid the new couple entering the room. They came in, and she walked out. Sarah Jane was watching the whole thing and hiding a little smirked. Paige rushed past Cassidy, Rachel, and Chris not saying a word. She entered kitchen and then quickly walked out of the house through the back door. She wanted to alone right now.  Kitchen was not a place for it. As she reached the back deck, Paige found even more people around. Paige grunted lowly.

            How many people are at this party, Paige questioned walking off the deck. Where should I go?

            Paige noticed Lake Redd was in front of her. Looking at nature usually calms her down. She walked through the yard to the shore. A breeze brushed gently across her face cooling her fiery temper a little. She looked at the lake. The beautiful pale milky white moon hung over the dark navy blue water. The moon’s reflection wobbled in the moving water. It was a beautiful sight, yet Paige couldn’t even appreciate. Her mind kept pulling back to her ex-boyfriend to dating her cousin situation.

            Paige began wonder maybe it is bad idea to go into this party anyway. Maybe she should just head home and go back into reading her book. Then something hit her. Why she should? Danny decided to move on. Why shouldn’t she? Why should she be one inside crying while he’s outside having fun.

            Nah f**k that, Paige thought as she stopped, if he can move on so quickly so can I. I going to go back in there and go back to having fun.

            With newfound courage and determination, Paige turned around and started walking back. She was halfway back into the mansion, when Paige heard a crack sound like wood was breaking. Before Paige knew it, the ground underneath her foot collapsed. She found herself pummeled into the darkness. Second later, Paige hit the ground hard on her side. She grunted in pain, but thankful to be alive. Paige slowly got up from the ground and wiped the dirt off.

            Paige looked up and saw there was big hole. She had fallen down a hole. She couldn’t believe it. That was just her luck. Paige walked up to the wall. It was smooth stone wall. It looked like she fallen into an underground cave. Paige walked up to cave wall. It was hard, smooth, and it looked like she couldn’t climb her way out of it. Luckily she had a plan B. She pulled out her cellphone out of her jacket and called one of her friend. They picked up all automatically.

            “Hello Rachel!” Paige said pleasantly, “I appeared to be in trouble.”

            Rachel responded. “What did you do now?”

            “I trapped inside of some kind underground cave.”

            She snickered. “We come to this party to find some fun instead you find an underground cave.”

            “Well you just come get me! You are going to need some rope, and Rachel. Please hurry.” Paige said looking at the darkness. She had no idea what was down here. She hung up the phone and turned on the flashlight application. The light illuminated a small patch of the area.

            Paige wasn’t in underground cave. It was more like an underground tunnel. Although a part of her mind was screaming at her to stay put and wait for Rachel to come get her. She was still curious about where to tunnel might lead. She tried to ignore it. It would not be denied. Paige started walking through it. She kept walking, but there was only more darkness.

            There is nothing here, Paige thought about to turned around. Then all of sudden she saw a strange beautiful light. She started following it hoping that it was a way out of here. She walked through dark tunnel until she reached a wall with hole. The hole was on the lower part of wall. She kneed down and looked through the hole. Paige couldn’t believe her eyes. Standing in middle of the room, there was boy inside of a pod.


© 2013 .quan.011.

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