A Chapter by R L. Amber

The cold crisp beat of rain speaks softly of winters return; I stood under the stars breathing in the nights chill, listening to the sounds of both nature and mankind. It is surprising to me that I cannot hear one without the other, suburbia has entwined both and no one realizes that they are separate anymore. Ice droplets rolled down my cheeks, water is purity, the center of all living things. It is as if the world is blessing us now with rain, showering us in praise, watering the earth and the land upon which we live. The small droplets fall down my eye lids; my hair is wet and sticking gently to my face. I breathe in, holding the air within my lungs straining to listen for something that is out of place, something surreal. Then an odd sound encased me, the rain fell around me, but I could no longer feel it upon my skin. The wind still ran strong and a crack of thunder cried out in the distance, almost begging for a sign of acknowledgment. I opened my eyes and saw the underline of an umbrella, a young man stood beside of me, his eyes were dark, and worry ran across his face.

“Miss, are you alright?”

I starred at him, almost angered at his brutal interruption of my almost meditative thoughts. “I am listening,” I said with a soft voice.

“What to?”

“The rain,”

“Okay then,” he said with a hint of questioning. His dark hair was dry, and blew gently across his forehead; his eyes were deep, pleasant almost.

“Do you like winter?”

I ask more out of boredom then of interest, he seemed attractive and my thoughts were ruined, there was no reason in turning away now.

“I guess so, but I am much more of a summer person,” he laughed. “I have never liked the cold.” I smiled at him, someone who was again, oblivious to the beauty of the world around them. How naïve, not liking winter for something as simple as the cold, my skin began to shake, I realized then how cold I actually was.

“Are you cold?” he asked with the utter most interest.

“Yes, but I still like winter.” He smiled at me, and then, juggling the umbrella between his hands, he removed his coat and placed it around my shoulders. It was still warm from his body, a slight smell of cologne seeped into me along with a smell all men carry that I had not known in many years.  I looked at him, his skin was pale like my own, and his body was tall and slender. “Thankyou,” I said bowing my head in return,

“Where are you going?”

“Home,” I said, not knowing if that was true, I had no intent of returning anywhere only moments ago.

“I will walk you then,” his words were solid and I knew that there was no bartering with him about this. I turned and began to walk, his footsteps followed close to mine, and his umbrella stayed above my head. “Do you always do such random acts of kindness for strangers?” I asked trying not to sound too interested.

“Not really,” he said with a half laugh, “but you look like you need some.”

I stoped suddenly, and turned to face him, I lifted a hand to his cheek, feeling the cold of his skin under my touch. I stood closer to him pressing my body against his, feeling a seeping warmth run across my body. Standing on my toes; I kissed him gently on his lips. We stood there, lips touching, in the winter’s night chill, his unshaven face prickled at my skin as my hands lay gently against his chest. He did not pull away, nor did he call after me as I turned and wandered into the darkness, leaving him and his umbrella behind. I did not look back but only pulled his coat closer to me, as winters rain once more fell down upon my face.

© 2010 R L. Amber

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Added on January 23, 2010
Last Updated on January 23, 2010


R L. Amber
R L. Amber

Perth, Wa, Australia