3 years in hell rough draft

3 years in hell rough draft

A Story by Luna Lucretia Lawson

This is the rough draft of what the emperor went through in his three years with the doctor. This is uncompleted

3 years in hell
3 years in hell The doctor led Barerin in into a chamber that was dimly lit by candles sitting in each corner and hanging above one of the chairs that were bolted to the floor. One metal chair had wires attached to it which had flimsily circular metal that hanged off it, a large, thick wire lead from the chair to a circuit that were powered by lightning beetles. Barerin looked confusingly around the room, Glancing at instruments and tools of all kinds. The doctor smirked "Welcome to my laboratory, see those beetles in there, those are lightning beetles, incredible species. They can produce 50 volts of electricity, not very powerful but they perform a respectable job of powering my machines, its a shame the practice of magic is banned here in Argon, would so much easier if I had a pair of lightning mages powering it instead but then once more I would have to compensate for their services" 
"Well, there is something broken in you, and you need to be fixed. Your father approved of this" The doctor grabbed him and injected him with a sedative and pulled him over to the wired chair. He strapped him in tight, making sure he couldn't escape. He then rolled up the boys sleeves and trousers and placed the flimsy metal onto his arms, legs and forehead. The doctor went and sat at his desk going through his paperwork, but casually eying Barerin in case he woke up.
Barerin's POV
I awoke strapped to a chair and struggled to get free, but it was useless. There were wires everywhere attached to me like horrifying nightmare, the doctor approached me with a smirk on his face, boy what I would give to be able to wipe that smirk right off his damn face, he spoke sadistically to me "Well, looks like sleeping beauty finally woke up, I was worried I was going to have to do something... drastic to get you up" I growled at him and spat in his face, his glasses covered in my saliva, I felt pretty proud that I got a bulls-eye, he pulled out a handkerchief from his brown trench coat, and Wiped his glasses clean "Well, I can see you are going to be in a foul mood, therefore we should get started. Do you remember what I said about the lightning beetles" I looked over to the beetles and looked back at him "I take that as a yes then" He walked over to the beetles and began feeding the wires through into the glass container. Sparks hit the wires, I screamed in pain as the volts of electricity surged through my body, it felt like every bone, organ and muscle were on fire,tears flowed down my face and into my mouth, it tasted bitter and salty.I continued to scream and scream, the doctor chuckled at my pain, when it was finally over I felt was weak, like I had no strength at all the last thing I remember was the room going dark.When I woke up, I thought I was dead and that it was all frightful dream, then the doctor approached and leaned over, but then I noticed I was chained to a different machine. I struggled against the thick iron shackles around my hands and legs, I also discovered I was laying down and a large tube was above me, the doctor whispered directly into my ear “You find out that, that is full of water  but only one bead will fall at a time, I call it water torture”.I wailed at the idea of more suffering. The doctor slowly turned the wheel that released the water, the doctor walked back up the laboratory stairs and bellowed back to me “I will be back later; I have dinner with your father to speak about your treatment, see you soon” I watched him and screamed "You b*****d, I will get out of here, I swear it, " The doctor flicked the light switch off and the room fell dark, all was silent, only my sniveling could be heard as the water slowly dripped onto my forehead, drip, drip, drip, I continued to struggle, but it was useless. The hours passed and I was beginning to lose hope. I began thinking about my father and why I had conditioned me to this, I felt pathetic sniveling and whimpering in the dark, alone. I felt like I was worthless and that I somehow derived this fate. The water was slowly driving me insane, I never thought water would be so frustrating, but I guess I was wrong, like so many other things. I thought my father loved me and yet where is he when I need him the most. He sent me to this nutcase and now I am going to die here alone, cold and in pain.The doctor came back and placed two matchsticks between my lids to prevent them from closing, I wasn't use to keeping my eyes open to long, I wailed, “I’ll kill you” the doctor strolled back upstairs laughing. I was so exhausted, I wanted to sleep and I wanted the doctor to kill me already, just to end it all at once and I can't much more of the torment. I felt like I was losing it, no one to speak to, no one here to hear my screams or even just to check on me. How can my father not want to come and see me, I am his only son, I am his heir and hasn't even come to make sure I am ok, , not once. Its hopeless my father has abandoned me to rot and decay here. It's nice to know how little I mean to my father.
The doctor came back a few hours later, I am depleted and I have never felt so weak in my life. He walked over to me and recorded details, he had begun doing that more often. I wonder what he is writing probably how much of a cry baby, I am because I can't take the strain of being tortured. I wish I was like father, I wish I was as strong as him.
Everyday I am humiliated by this so called doctor, being fed mashed up food like a baby. Day in and day out to be tortured. At least now and then I get a break from the pain he says it's because "the body can only take so much so you need to recover from the trauma before we continue" I have given up on trying to escape there is no way out of here.
A few weeks later the doc began testing a fresh way to torture me, like the electric shocking and water torture wasn't enough.He blindfolded me and placed ear plugs in my ears, I can't see and I can't hear a thing this is what's frightening the most, the darkness the unending silence. It makes me uneasy at least with the other experiments he allowed me to see, so I know what's coming. But like this I don't know anything, he could have a monster standing in front of me, ready to rip me to shed and I wouldn't even know it.Oh god the silence, I can't take it. I am so lonely I haven't seen another person except the doc in months. I feel like I have let everyone down, like I have betrayed them all. I have begun having conversions with the characters in my head just so it feels like I am not alone. It gives me some comfort, at least.
A month past, the doctor took out my ear plugs and blindfold, even the dimly lit candles are so bright they hurt my eyes.At my first vision is blurred and water it takes a minute for me to adjust I can see the doc with the jug of those lightning beetles I saw on my first day here. Remembering back so long a gong at least four months back, but the pain of the volts hitting my body is still fresh in my mind, my heart is racing, I think about what he is planning to do with them. Oh god, what new horror has he devised now to punish me.He stepped ever so slowly over to me, like he is  intimidating me. He unscrews the lid I ask "Wh-what are y-you are going to do to me" I stuttered out, I am ashamed at my stuttering, my cowardice, but there nothing I can do. I am a coward. "Oh, you see lightning beetles have a stinger at the end of their abdomen, similar to bees. However, bees sting with a pain venom, but lightning beetles sting with a venom combined with electricity a shocking sting that causes pain and nausea, hence the reason I am using these small tongs. I don't want to get stung" I whimper at his plan, I realized what is going to do I beg him not to, he laughs in my face at my feeble attempt to stop him. Seconds later I watch as he picks up a small yellow beetle and inches ever closer, I struggle to move my arm away, To get my flesh away from that insect but I can't. The doc places the bug on my skin, at first the bug doesn't do anything, just sits there, then out of nowhere a sharp pain shoots up my arm, it's nearly crippling. Its much worse than the electric from the chair, the doc speaks I try to tune in to his voice, try to block out the pain.
He says "You envision, this is more painful because it's a condensed dosage of venom and its not the same as earlier.This is the sting while before was just them rubbing up against the wires creating an electrical charge." I feel sick, like I am about to puke up my entire insides, the dark places a bucket near my head as I vomit blood and tissue. It's so horrible, the burning acid hitting the back of my throat. It hurts so much, he strokes my head as to comfort me he whispers almost gently "There, there, don't worry its all most over" I lift my head slightly, I swear I saw a bit of remorse or regret flash in his eyes. I keep thinking over and over why is he doing this to me? Why me? Why?.

© 2014 Luna Lucretia Lawson

Author's Note

Luna Lucretia Lawson
I am sorry for any mistakes, this is a rough draft

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I know this is a rough draft, so I'll not comment on any grammatic errors.
First, I think you can get far deeper with this. I will assume that you've never been put through anything like this so it will be difficult feel this out.
I want to see more of the doctor. He feels like a flat and purely evil person. You can dive deeper. What makes him tick? Why is he really doing this and why does he feel justified? Im not asking for a POV from him or an extended villainous monologue. But give me something that makes him feel less one dimentional.
I aslo think Barerin's experience can be fleshed out. Torment like this needs to reach deep mentally and emotionally. I need to see a decent into insanity to make it believable. Loosing grip on reality and reason.
The part where his eyes and ears are blocked are really good points to explore this decent. Sensory deprovation is known to cause hallucinations and other effects that correspond with drug use or insanity.
You have a good start. And I can't wait to see how you pull this into full effect.

Posted 8 Years Ago

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