The Folktale of The Moon and the Stars

The Folktale of The Moon and the Stars

A Story by Rachel Hanne

This is a folktale homework assignment I got a little crazy over :) Tell me what you think, it took me forever Names are taken from words of various languages for meaningTakes place no where specific


Waxing Gibbous, First quarter, Waxing Crescent, New, Waning Crescent, Third quarter, Waning Gibbous, and full, are the stages of the vibrant source of light- the moon. Surrounded by belittled stars stuck in the black oblivion of the night sky. What we call the "new" moon, was the only form it took. It was non-existent. The nights were long, and dark , and stars were not heard of.

            Noianit was born in the dark of the abysmal night, in the last minute of the day. Children born at this time were doomed for eternity to see only darkness, even with the sun casting rays across the land, bringing life in abundance to each thing it saw. These children, were the only ones inanimate for the possibility of feeling joy. In the small village of where Noianit was born, there were thirteen other children, from the same mother, and same father. Each of these children, were born in the same hour as Noianit, five minutes apart within the hour. None of them, could compare with the radiance that Noianit displayed, and none of them could compare with the sadness she felt, that engulfed her mind and spirit. Her hair was black, matching her eyes, and her skin was hallow, and pale.

            The others in this village that were of no relation to the thirteen offspring, or to Noianit were cold, and distant. Mocking the siblings, and torturing Noianit with their words of venomous malice. They thought she was an odd, quiet, rude little thing, merely because her words were few. She was born the last minute of the last hour of the day; they believed she was worthless, and of no importance to their society, for she could hardly stand facing any other human being but her parents. Work was no option for her, and happiness was inevitably never to occur in the duration of her life.

            However, she did find some comfort with the other children born in the same hour as she. They were like her, and she understood them, and listened to them when they were sad. Noianit didn't mind, she rather appreciated the company each of them offered, and thought of them being with her as the last day of her life.

            Noianit's first day as a woman had arrived, and the sun seemed to be shining more brightly, and the flowers seemed more in bloom, and the birds seemed to be in love with the whistling tunes they performed together. Everything around her was more lively, and fulfilled.

            The Sun God, Solnome, slept during the night since the first day the planet was created. He had no company, and loved all of the planet before him, and all of what it encompassed. He recognized Noianit had been born at the cursed minute of the day, and acknowledged the thirteen children who were born within the same hour. Noianit to Solnome, was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. He hadn't seen much of her prior to her first day as a woman, due to her nocturnal ways, but now, all rules against loving mortals were out of his mind forever. This would be his partner. This lonely forsaken girl, would shift the days with him, and make night brighter.

            Noianit felt the suns rays embrace her, and drown her in small shocks of ecstasy. The thirteen children before her stared with mouths open wide at what they saw; a smile.  A smile that stretched the ends of one cheek, to another. This was something which they had never witnessed. They thought she was beautiful before, but now, she was radiant. Noianit's skin was still pale, but not hallow. Her bones had more weight to them, and her cheeks had more color.  The tears that usually glazed over her deep eyes were lit up, and the tears were taken into the air by the sun. Down from the sky, Solnome grinned, and hugged her. Noianit had never been hugged by anyone besides her mother and father, and this man, this God whom she had studied so much about, was holding her. The children gasped.  Solnome took both of Noianit's hands, and spoke to her:

            "I've watched you grow up, mind in a dark and undesirable hell. You were beautiful to me still, even though you rarely showed yourself to me. When you did, I took in every ounce of you that your body would allow me to take. You were born in the last hour of the day, and it is written that you are one of the children cursed to live in a world of darkness." Solnome's  yellow eyes became brighter with each sentence, and Noianit's heavy heart felt lighter. "You are a woman now, and I intend to marry you. You won't be lonely anymore, if you'll have me. I am disobeying every law of the Gods to have you. Please." Noianit shook, but couldn't determine whether it was happiness, anxiety, shock, or fear. Was it possible to feel all at once?

            "Is there a price to pay," she asked unsteadily, "A price to pay if  you break the law of marrying a mortal?" Solnome's eyes lowered, and all joy that consumed them shrunk with his lids.

            "Yes. You must go with me. Into the sun. My sun that I created."

            "Will I die?"

Solname's face grew dark, and the sun above was becoming suffocated by clouds, and droplets of rain hit each of them.

            "Yes-but no.  You will live the night! You will light up the dark oblivion, and become the sun of the night. You will be Lunasene. You will become a Goddess. My Goddess." Noianit began to cry-but, it wasn't her tears of melancholy she remembered. Was it pure content? Or maybe Solnome was tricking her, and giving her a false sense of security...Gods often bewitched mortals, making them believe they loved them, when they really didn't. "I am not tricking you, I know that is what you are thinking. I would never do that to you. I couldn't." He cried, embracing her once again.  She decided she would marry him. But what about the thirteen children, she wondered. They will miss me...or I will miss them. Her thoughts were interrupted by Solnome abruptly kissing her on the lips passionately. Noianit stood quiet, and speechless. Solnome's bright eyes and wide smile returned once more, and he began running. Running, and pulling her behind him. The children were yelling out her name repeatedly, crying for her to return. The dense forest muffled their cries, and disappeared the further they got to the Protocela Mountain. Protocela was the protector of the sky, due to its incredible height, and majestic stature looming over the valley beneath, trumping the mountains near it.

            Solnome hoisted Noianit up to hold her, and raced to the very top of the mountain, and jumped into the sun. Noianit felt herself change, and the world beneath her was in her view. The sun and Solnome were in front of her, and the sun became darker.

            In the small village below, the thirteen children, Noianit's parents, and the other villagers looked in awe at the sky above them. The sun appeared to be consumed by black round shape,  and the sky became its product. Dusk was nearing, and the buzz of gasps and chatter filled the ears of each person. The news reached every one of them from the thirteen children, and their shock resonated through the air. The black orb moved, and night fell; only there was something no one had ever seen before hanging in the sky above them. A white, sun shaped entity that lit up the world, and brightened the night. The pale and holed sphere reminded them of Noianit, and her physique, forgetting her name change to Lunasene. Had she become this new ball in the sky? Or was she a God? Was that happening in the sky the sun and this new objects meeting her conversion to immortality?

            A month passed, and Lunasene could see the entire world beneath her, as she lit up the night. The babies born in the hour of darkness were lifted from the curse, and lived normally as the others, simply because there was no darkness. The darkest time of night, became the brightest time of night. Lunasene's shape altered during the course of each month, and the shape was Full being the time of woman's menstruation. The shapes had become the Waxing Gibbous, First quarter, Waxing Crescent,  the New(or no shape, her extra rest) Waning Crescent, Third quarter, Waning Gibbous, and the Full.

            Several months passed, and Lunasene had forgotten her former name, but remembered her thirteen companions she left behind. She longed for them, and she was the only one in the sky at night. When the Solnome met with Lunasene when both were in the sky, she informed him:

            "Solnome, I am much better with you now, however when you are not there, and you are in your slumber, I am so lonely. I miss my companions, and I even miss the people who hurt me most. I miss them." Solnome pondered, and thought for a moment.

            "I shall stick them into the night sky with you. They will be your company for eternity."

            "Do they receive new titles as well?" She asked.

            "Yes. The thirteen children shall represent shapes in the sky, made out of small perfectly rounded orbs much smaller than you and I.  They shall create pictures for all to see from the planet below. After they pass on, that shall be their next life."

Lunasene waited long patient years until each of the thirteen siblings passed away. They were now called: Aquarius the Water Bearer, Pisces the Fish, Aries the Ram, Taurus the Bull, Gemini the Twins, Cancer the Crab, Leo the Lion, Virgo the Maiden,  Libra the Scales,  Scorpio the Scorpion, and Capricorn, the Goat. All of the children born into the last hour of the day who passed on, accompanied them in lighting the sky and Lunasene was lonely no more. 

© 2013 Rachel Hanne

Author's Note

Rachel Hanne
I hope this is good; it took me a very long time. Tell me what you think of it! Love ya

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Very well done! *applause* ;) It was told perfectly as a folk-tale. :D Great job, I enjoyed. ^_^


Posted 8 Years Ago

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Rachel Hanne

8 Years Ago

Yay! good to hear, thank you :)
This was very interesting and I could definitely tell that you put a lot of hard work into it. The best pieces come from us working our very best with it. I enjoyed it and thought you did a great job!

Posted 8 Years Ago

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Rachel Hanne

8 Years Ago

thank you! I appreciate it :D
I really liked it. Shows you have out alot of work and effort into it! Very interesting. Well done.

Posted 8 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

Rachel Hanne

8 Years Ago

Awesome! Glad it's good :) Thank you!
s y e

8 Years Ago

It is! :-) Welcome!

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