Penguin Drabble

Penguin Drabble

A Story by Rachel McN

a short insight of a penguins life


She shivered in the frigid air, puffing out her feathers in a vain attempt to conserve heat. Slipping on the frozen ground, she slid smoothly into the ice hole below her. The thought of her waiting egg nestled warmly on it's father's feet sent a tingle through her as she entered her element. The water whispered over her beak, and then she was under. Within seconds, she had spied her fellow practicing underwater ballet moves as she ducked and flipped, chasing the elusive fish; joining in the dance, she spun, twisting over the other and snapping up a silver streak. As the fish slicked her throat, she felt the brush of a wing; spinning to follow as she spotted the school of darting fish. Pushing headlong into the throng, she spared one last thought for her egg, which, unknown to her, had just begun to thinly crack. 'I'll be with you again soon my darling...’

© 2010 Rachel McN

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Added on October 31, 2010
Last Updated on October 31, 2010
Tags: Penguin, Short, Drabble, Water


Rachel McN
Rachel McN

United Kingdom

I'm a girl who loves to read, and got drawn into the writing world myself. I write for my own amusement, and hopefully for others as well. I started of in fanfiction where I could play around without .. more..

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