The Man of Many Faces

The Man of Many Faces

A Poem by Mercury Rising

Portrait of the Great Pretender


The man of many faces

Just look into his eyes

See the many traces

Of the power of his lies.


Tho’ his charm and wit compels you

And the pitch he poses sells you

He manipulates everything

You say and do

You’re just a pawn for him to play

He’s out to have his way

And checkmate you just as

Soon as he is through!


He’s the mastermind of his game

His face may seem the same

He’s the ideal man you think

At first…

But the rage he has beneath

Will finally show its teeth

And you still haven’t seen

Him at his worst!


When he’s the one who’s wrong

He plays you a ‘you’re guilty’ song

He manipulates you ‘round

For his own gain

He runs off all your friends

He’s out for his own ends

And leave you drowning in a

Pool of tears and pain!


Once you’re in too deep

It’s hard for you to keep

From loving him for all

He used to be…

When you think that it’s the end

He pulls you in again

And the cycle starts over



When the game he plays is through

He throws you out into the blue

Your mind suffering confusion

From his sting

And the next item for his face


With a woman he believes is



The man of many faces

Just look into YOUR eyes

See the many traces of

The power of his lies.


The man of many faces

It comes as no surprise

The man of many faces

He’s the devil in disguise!

© 2014 Mercury Rising

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i thought of so many rock songs reading this..."well i went and lost her, to the great imposter, i stood and watched her fall, couldn't help her at all"
"poetry so sweet had her at his feet"

people can just sway us with their charm, and then destroy us as they disarm...

Posted 7 Years Ago

Mercury Rising

7 Years Ago

This was actually written about 2005 or so, after going through love gone bad. My fault was, I made .. read more

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Added on March 20, 2014
Last Updated on March 20, 2014


Mercury Rising
Mercury Rising

Wild-n-Windy, IL

Hi! Welcome to my corner of the WritersCafe world! The name I write under is Sara (pronounced 'Zarra') Mercury, but my friends call me 'Susie'. I am 44 years of age and have been writing since I w.. more..