Mercury Rising

Mercury Rising


To LIVE is to always be moving forward; moving in reverse is EVIL.

Wild-n-Windy, IL
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About Me

Hi! Welcome to my corner of the WritersCafe world!

The name I write under is Sara (pronounced 'Zarra') Mercury, but my friends call me 'Susie'. I am 44 years of age and have been writing since I was 11. I am also the proud mother of an almost 18 year-old son, Brandon Paul. He is the light of my life next to my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

I am a self-published novelist, but I have retired my previous books and articles because of my commitment to my new way of life under God's direction and not my own.

My previous works were writings from a very dark mind and taught nothing short of a doctrine of demons! Nothing in those books was based upon the Word of God! I hereby publicly denounce all my previous beliefs and proclaim the Holy Bible to be God's Word, and anything that runs contrary to His Word, I rebuke and delete it from my mental programming! Praise the Lord! Hallelujah! Glory to God! My His Name forever be praised!

My new works will be God inspired, as well as be a reflection of my new life in Christ. He has called me to 'minister to the poor in spirit'. Therefore, I am using every means available to me for that purpose. My mission is to share the Truth with others and to bring glory to my Father in heaven.

Right now, I'm trying to rebuild a life that's been almost completely destroyed due to some stupid decisions on my part. I can only hope that the man I will forever love through the eyes of GOD, Spencer Lee Allen, will someday find enough compassion to allow me to be his friend again, as I have changed dramatically, and continue to evolve through the power of the Holy Spirit. I pray daily that he's changing for the better and evolving too, and have faith that one day God will at least restore our beautiful friendship, which is the one thing I miss in my life most of all. Just because we didn't make good lovers doesn't mean that we can't still have a Christ-centred frienship! :)

However, I don't claim to be a perfect person. I am but a reformed sinner, having surrendered my life to the care and control of the One greater than me, my God, the Creator of the Universe; my companion who sticks closer than a brother, Jesus Christ, Who walks with me everywhere I go. I live for my Creator now and forevermore, and praise Him for all His many blessings in my life and those whom I love.

You will not ever see my profile rated 'mature' because it is not befitting a Christian to write things that are not suitable for all ages. I will not write about sex, as so often is done because I believe in its sanctity in the bonds of marriage where it belongs, and not on the pages of some internet website, accessible to those who would be led astray!

Please do not be offended if I should say anything to anyone about the Truth. You are advised that they are not my words alone, but words inspired by the Holy Spirit to lead the misguided into the Light of Jesus Christ. If you are offended by anything I write, you are being influenced by the 'spirit of rebellion', and that is the same as idolatry against our Creator. I urge you to examine the Holy Scriptures for yourself and see that my words are inspired by the Truth.

I endeavour to continually operate from a heart full of compassion and love for everyone. Anything that proceeds from my keyboard to everyone here is out of loving concern for those I see on the same path I was on not so long ago...

FREE for a limited time, you may download the book my mother wrote years ago, that I've had published via Lulu at: You are sure to receive a blessing from the Lord if you read it! It contains a POWERFUL, heart-touching message. If you hear the Holy Spirit calling you to repentance --- do not grieve Him! (You will regret it if you do.)

Blessings and Love to All...
Sara Mercury