The Flower and the Leaf

The Flower and the Leaf

A Poem by Nicholas Antonio Young

I remember when you and I spoke for the first time

Our words floated through the air like spores of empathy and joy

They rose into the heavens on wings of certainty and became the clouds

The clouds made merry with the sun, who then shone of indigo and blue

The sky went to change it’s mind too, and reflected the sun’s beautiful hue

We smiled at each other and the ocean was finally at peace

It kissed the land gently and its waves forever ceased

It was then that a single seed fell from the heavens to our feet

We watched as it buried in the soil beneath

I reached to pull it from its content sleep, but then you looked at me

I saw the future of this little seed in the blue flowers of your eyes

This little seed was always meant to fall from the sky

So we clasped each other’s hands

And we watered the land with a simple watering can

Over time a stem arose from the ground

It was a single little flower

It had not yet a scent or a name or color

We both looked at each other and giggled with pleasant laughter

It was so small and meek, but it was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen

We gazed upon it and embraced as we were met by a breeze

And along the winds was a single orange leaf

It decided to stay behind as the wind left

It slowly danced in the air before settling down to take a rest

On top of the flower lay the orange leaf

The warmth of your embrace faded away

And I said my goodbyes to the summer and spring

© 2015 Nicholas Antonio Young

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Added on March 3, 2015
Last Updated on March 3, 2015


Nicholas Antonio Young
Nicholas Antonio Young

Nashville, TN

My name is Nick. I'm just another person in this world filled with thoughts and ideas with the desire to express. I love to read pretty much any form of literature, but my interests in actual writing .. more..