The Ocean and the Seed

The Ocean and the Seed

A Poem by Nicholas Antonio Young

My fears have left me stranded, and wanting 
Yearning, unlearning what I once called truth 
Unsurely outspeaking, unknowing, yet reaching f
For that ledge to find you 
To feel the warmth of blue
I stand with my back at the shores of time 
Picking with calloused hands at bits of sand and glass heart 
Scattered over the ruins of my past life 
Hoping the slowly ticking and tocking won't drain the rest of me away 
So here I stay
Feet buried, eyes blurry, mind worried that my soul's leaving 
All the while I choke 
This pit of fear in my throat 
Swallowing my words I've yet to speak, and taking back the ones I spoke before my humanity and sanity broke 
My left hand trembles with these fragments that have already died 
My right one with the little seed my tree of past life left behind 
I'm so terrified 
If I cultivate this new reality it might just die 
Better to leave it a pathetic little seed,
Than a beautiful new tree with a heart, roots and leaves 
At least that's what my mind thinks 
But not anymore 
My heart knows different now, and now i see 
This is not the way it should be 
This seed of life was meant to be a tree. 
So In the ground I plant this seed 
My shattered heart pieces I toss to the wind 
And the rest of me I give to the sea. 
So shall my past be, so shall my life begin.

© 2016 Nicholas Antonio Young

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Added on August 27, 2015
Last Updated on January 16, 2016


Nicholas Antonio Young
Nicholas Antonio Young

Nashville, TN

My name is Nick. I'm just another person in this world filled with thoughts and ideas with the desire to express. I love to read pretty much any form of literature, but my interests in actual writing .. more..