And the News Born!

And the News Born!

A Poem by Raja

Pages after pages

The unusual happenstance with emotion, sometimes satire, sometimes pain, sometimes

Projected something " don’t know what it is!

Pages after pages

The unreal smiles of those reserved in a specific column

You never know who they are, and from which societal lab

Pages after pages

Insecurity of those threatened who want it to be

For the sake of news made


Pages after pages

No time for true story, so create something to fill

Pages after page

Only celebrity highlight with sleazy girlfriends showing obscene

Anecdotes of rape and violence and torture throughout the city to sale on top

Above everything

Still they stay for no reason, and for us to devour the morning prime


Page at the bottom

With un-given attention for some who desire the most

In n-numbers having no tear

‘Cause it is finished

So, they’re waiting to fill in

Meanwhile, costly pages with costly products have targeted valued prospects

Profits earned,

Pages after pages

Profits treasured…

© 2010 Raja

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Tell me about it! I'm in it. In India, during the pre-independence period press was revolution, post-independence it was watch-dog, post-globalization (if I do generalise) its rat race & a business. Some journalists fight it, some naively go through it thinking they are making the biggest contribution to society, some try to change it, some try to live with it and some quit it!

Posted 13 Years Ago

You hit it hard, Raja... the bottom line of money..profits of pages.. There is little with true news anymore, and papers and magazines are guilty of the same scandal-ridden headlines and anything to get attention. Powerful, profound write!

Posted 13 Years Ago

Oh the press!!!! Don't get me started on this! Your poem has portrayed what we see every day of the week .. embroidered stories, shock-horror, general rubbish about pop stars and phoney would-bes .. and so often the tragedies of simple people are squashed into a column towards the back page or a two inch piece with next to no words. Even culture and education is in a supplement as if deemed a mere extra!

You're so right about profits, pages, treasured .. everything is money orientated, you've put if superbly well, Raja .. and now I have to stop otherwise I'll write too much. Great writing, finely put and a subject which should make people think even more.

Posted 13 Years Ago

It is always for the mainstreams sake! A powerful message love, potent topic! Mainstream news is nothing but lies, truth hidden or manipulated to devour the state of fear in humans who believe that it is all true!
Great work, a favourite of mine!

Posted 13 Years Ago

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