A Humbling Thing

A Humbling Thing

A Poem by Denise Deas

I looked for hours and months for this. It was on my iPod [that got stolen] and I hoped and prayed that i had backed it up. I finally found it. It needs some work but i'm putting it here now.

A humbling thing to be known by you
A humbling this yes
For you a mighty star to take notice of a dull dusty moon like myself
How could you so brilliant in the cosmos
So inspiring to any gaze 
Be inclined to look my way
A humbling thing yes
For me to know you
For you to lower the walls of your castle 
to allow me a, no more than a peasant in comparison to step into the courtyards of your mind
When even archduke and princesses alike knock and you refuse to let them in
A humbling thing yes for my name to leave the cozy home of your lips graced with a smile. 
The very essence of me lifts from the grounding reality 
Whom we've named Gaea
Higher and higher 
Again to your level only to be near you
The star in the cosmos that inspires in a glance 
A humbling thing yes
Above all things to have your heart
You give it to me with your gentle words
Your heated temperament
Your silly interests
Your pitfalls and triumphs
You place your being gently in the palm of my hand
To have the trust of a king that I keep this fragile thing aloft. 
Collateral is mine. No need for you to steal my heart 
For I voluntarily hand it over, you earning the trust of a peasant.
A humbling thing 
to be known by you. 
A humbling thing to be loved.

© 2013 Denise Deas

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Added on February 13, 2013
Last Updated on February 14, 2013
Tags: love, humility, king, peasant, metaphor


Denise Deas
Denise Deas


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