A Poem by Denise Deas

A bright moon shines

through the window

near the ceiling

of my little cell

in the dungeon.

It warns

"Don't let her take your breath away"

My mind was shattered

long ago

An incessant drip

is a lullaby to me

a puddle of crimson

grows benath my feet

covering the floor.

A tremulous voice whispers

"Don't let her take your breath away"

My head lolls on my shoulder

My eyes find the moon

It glares at me 

As the wind howls through the bars

"Don't let her take your breath away"

I shiver

i laugh

and bang my head

against the wall from which i hang

The broken shards that were once my mind


I pull more against the shackles that bind me

Keeping my destroyed body up against the frigid stone

They rattle

"Don't let her take your breath away"

Her heels click this way

I don't know from where anymore

"Don't let her take your breath away"

A disjointed mantra in my disjointed thoughts

The metal door opens

She strides across the crimson floor

my heart leaps and She smiles

professional in her sadism

"Don't let her take your breath away"

Faster and faster goes my heart

as she stalks toward me

louder is the roar behind my ears

In my mind

My body buzzes

"Don't let her take your breath away"

She lays a hand on my bloodied cheek

the world is starting to fade

She presses her lipe to mine.

The warnings

The buzzing

The thought

All falls silent





© 2013 Denise Deas

Author's Note

Denise Deas
I really can't get better unless i get a review.

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not bad, but there really isn't much grammatical consistency to the poem. it's okay to bend some rules to suit the message you want, but be consistent.

the numerous lines were nice though; they added a sense of panic to the poem, which made a lot of sense in context

This review was written for a previous version of this writing

Posted 13 Years Ago

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Added on May 10, 2011
Last Updated on February 7, 2013
Tags: captivity, insanity, broken
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Denise Deas


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