What if one day you woke up

What if one day you woke up

A Poem by Rayne Murray

What if one day you woke up 
and everything you thought you had 
turned out to never be yours
You can’t claim everything back and even then aren’t claims idle words?
What are words even 
to someone filled with greed 
or one whose forgotten everything do they matter in the least?
What if you woke up 
and found that all you loved
had left and it was just you left 
and nothing would come back 
even to your claims
And that begs the eternal question 
if they knew that you would take to the blade 
would they so much as say good bye?
I doubt they would 
why would they you loved them
But they were never yours 
and no matter how much you said they were 
doesn’t change the fact that they weren't 
you just thought they were
What if there was something 
you could’ve done that would’ve made them yours 
could you have loved them more 
or maybe even less 
maybe they’re better off 
but are you? 
Do you want to drag them down 
with you 
even though they raised you so high to begin with? 
And if you did would they stay knowing they were trapped 
or would they resist 
till there was no more hope 
and no more choice? 
What could you have done to prevent it all?
What if one day you woke up 
and no matter what you did 
or said 
you ended up alone with just your thoughts 
and everything you loved turned out to never be real at all?

© 2016 Rayne Murray

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Added on January 19, 2016
Last Updated on January 19, 2016


Rayne Murray
Rayne Murray

Merritt Island, FL

Welcome to my profile, my name is Angelica. I hope you enjoy my poetry and occasional stories. I wanna say off the bat that my poems aren't about my my life and even if they are it's none of your conc.. more..

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